The CDC’s War on Children’s Health

The CDC’s War on Children’s Lives and Health

Paul Craig Roberts

The Vaccine Advisory Committee of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has voted unanimously to add Covid vaccines for children as young as 6 months old to the large and ever-growing Adolescent Immunization Schedule.

Why is this being done when it is factually established that Covid is rarely harmful to children but the “vaccine” is extremely dangerous, causing deaths and a wide variety of serious health problems including heart attacks in children, previously so rare as to be unheard of?

In my opinion it is being done to support Big Pharma’s profits and to coverup the widespread deaths and health problems caused by the “vaccines.” Or perhaps the “vaccine” really is an attempt to reduce the world population.

The claim is made that the committee’s vote does not have immediate effect and is not binding, that it is up to the states whether the “vaccines” are made compulsory in order to attend school and play sports. Dr Margery Smelkinson, an infectious disease scientist at the National Institutes of Health, said: “Anyone saying this [recommendation] won’t lead to a mandate hasn’t been paying attention.”

Children’s Heath Defense says the CDC has gone too far this time and in view of the massive evidence against the recommendation has effectively declared war against children. In fact, it is even worse than this. Stanford University teaches a course that is used to train doctors worldwide on how to overcome vaccine hesitancy by intentionally deceiving patients.

The Covid vaccines in use remain unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are in use under Emergency Use Authorization which carries immunity against death and health issues caused by the vaccines. The FDA approved vaccines do not have immunity from civil suits and are not released by the pharmaceutical companies, as I understand it.  The emergency use and approved vaccines are the same. The difference is legal. There is a name difference.  The one in use is experimental and has emergency use status. The FDA approved vaccine is the same vaccine with a different name and is not considered experimental because widespread vaccination, claimed to be successful, constitutes testing. But the approved vaccine lacks the immunity of emergency use and, therefore, the pharmaceutical companies have not released the approved vaccine for use.

As Jeremy R. Hammond explains, the CDC is a marketing agent for Big Pharma. The public, or enough of it, has wised up to the fact that the vaccines do not have the safety and effectiveness the pubic was told, and the fear factor has shifted from Covid to the vaccine. So the next step, Hammond reports, is to coerce parents to have their kids vaccinated by making the death-shot a mandate for school attendance.

The medical authorities continue to avoid investigation of the numerous deaths of vaccinated athletes who suddenly drop dead while engaged in sport, the vaccinated doctors who drop dead, the entertainers who drop dead, the elevated troponin levels in all who are vaccinated ( ), the numerous pregnancy disorders, heart attacks, explosion of cancer, and a large variety in sudden spikes of serious health issues associated with the vaccinated. The official cover-up argument is that these unprecedented developments never before experienced have nothing to do with the Covid vaccines. Professor Mark Crispin Miller reports that some health officials, such as the Health Service of Alberta, Canada, are getting rid of the evidence by erasing Emergency Room records of vaccine deaths and injuries.

Steve Kirsch points out that the function of so-called “fact checkers” is to discredit the truth and vindicate the official narrative.   It is beyond belief that anyone would be so gullible as to rely on a self-proclaimed “fact check” website.   Anyone can claim to be a “fact checker,” and Big Pharma–and every other interest–can set up hirelings on websites as “fact checkers.”  When it comes to Covid and the “vaccine,” the only fact checkers are the independent scientists who are not in bed with Fauci and Big Pharma and who are not dependent on NIH and Big Pharma for research grants.

Now that the evidence is conclusive that we were sold a bill of goods about Covid and the mRNA “vaccines” and have learned that the “vaccines” are not safe and do not protect, are we going to sit and take it while the corrupt CDC adds to Big Pharma’s profits at the expense of children’s lives and health by sticking another vaccine profit center into the mandated school vaccination list? Will dumbshit Americans be sheeple forever even at the expense of their own children?




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