Putin Orders Partial Russian Mobilization

Putin Has Finally Understood that Russia Has No “Western Partners.”  Let’s See What He Does About It.


Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu put it succinctly:  “In reality, we are fighting the collective West plus NATO.”

Shoigu reports that half of the Ukrinian Army has been destroyed–61,207 dead, 49,368 wounded. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have lost 5937.

Shoigu reports that 300,000 Russian soldiers will be mobilized, about 1% of the total force.

Shoigu reports that the entire NATO satellite constellation is working against Russia – more than 70 military and 200 civilian satellites are working to reconnoiter the location of Russian units. Shoigu reports  that the Western command directs operation from Kyiv.

As I said correctly from the beginning, the time-consuming limited operation has widened the war. If Russia is serious, expect the Western communication system and Kiev to be knocked out.



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