Ron Unz Takes On the False Narratives of Our Time

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Ron Unz Takes On the False Narratives of Our Time

Paul Craig Roberts

Ron Unz has self-published in book form his articles from his website. As the articles are available in digital form and as Unz has shown his commitment to the digital revolution by digitalizing US intellectual journals and magazines prior to the digital age, an extraordinary gift to historical research, his reason for reverting to print is unclear. My guess is that he understands the vulnerability of digital information and the ease with which it can be burnt. Just think of all the takedowns of information by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital forums. The digital revolution has made the Memory Hole a ubiquitous and easy to use way to erase disapproved information.

I have six volumes of Unz’s articles: Jews, Nazis, and Israel; Conspiracy Theories; Understanding World War II; Encountering American Pravda; AIDS and Public Health Issues; Our Covid-19 Catastrophe. I have read most, if not all of Unz’s articles, have reposted some on my website and cited others in my writings. Individually Unz’s articles rescue you from The Matrix a piece at a time. But together organized by topic they immediately free your mind from all of the false official narratives we have been fed all our lives. Reading the entire picture together is like Redemption.

I have been reading Jews, Nazis, and Israel and Conspiracy Theories. They contain too much startling information for a book review to handle. Unz is a voracious reader. When he comes across something that does not fit the established narrative, he researches it to determine its validity. What you get from Unz is a test of official narratives versus their challengers, and official narratives seldom come off well.

I once wrote that Unz was the bravest person I know. He is not afraid of controversy or intimidated by the Israel Lobby or voices of establishment authorities. He wants to know. He finds out and shares with readers.

In his few lines of introduction to Jews, Nazis, and Israel, Unz writes:

“In today’s Western world, the touchiest of all touchy subjects are those involving the interrelated topics of Jews, Nazis, and Israel. Journalists and academics recognize that these constitute the deadly ‘third rail’ of their professions.

“The resulting pattern of avoidance has produced enormous omissions and distortions in our established narrative history. As a consequence, these issues have become a major focus of my own American Pravda series, and the resulting essays are collected together in this book.”

Unz wades right in with “The Remarkable Historiography of David Irving,” a person acknowledged by other experts as the best historian of World War II. Irving was destroyed financially and marginalized by the overwhelming resources of the Israel Lobby and stands as a lesson for all who would dare to report facts unsupportive of Jewish narratives. But the threat does not deter Unz who follows up with his long examination of the Holocaust, which he finds to be the most carefully protected narrative of our time.

In “Jews and Nazis,” Unz tells the hidden history of “The Nazi-Zionist Economic Partnership of the 1930s” and “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers” based on Bryan Mark Rigg’s published finding that 150,000 half-Jews, and quarter-Jews served in the armed forces of the Third Reich, many as combat officers, 27 of whom held the rank of general and admiral. The most prominent Jewish officer was Field Marshall Erhard Milch, Hermann Goering’s second-in-command, who played an important role in the creation of the Luftwaffe. How do we reconcile 150,000 Jewish Wehrmacht officers with an organized holocaust of Jews?

In other chapters Unz takes up “Mossad Assassinations” — the number is astounding — and “The Power of Organized Crime.” I was amazed to learn that America’s gangster era was dominated by Jews, not by Italians, and that many Jewish fortunes are based on looting the property of the Japanese-American Nisei who were sent to US concentration camps, leaving their property vulnerable to confiscation and theft.

In Conspiracy Theories, Unz explores how false accounts of historical instances were protected by branding those who told the truth “conspiracy theorists.” There is a long list, including the assassination of President John F. Kennedy that Unz attributes to Israel, and 9/11 which Unz also attributes to Israel.

Unz’s case that Israel assassinated President Kennedy is based on Kennedy’s strong opposition to Israel’s nuclear weapons program and Israel’s fear that Kennedy would force international inspection of Israel’s nuclear reactor at Dimona where Israel was conducting secret development of nuclear weapons.

Unz is correct that Israel regarded President Kennedy as a threat to their secret nuclear weapons program, a program Israel regarded as essential to Israel’s survival, and Israel may have been involved in some way. But I think Unz goes too far in attributing the plot to Israel. The evidence is overwhelming that CIA Director Allen Dulles and the Joint Chiefs of Staff saw Kennedy as a national security threat because of his rejection of the Joint Chiefs plan for a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, his refusal to participate in a US military overthrow of Castro, and his working behind the backs of the military/security establishment to resolve the Cuban missile crisis with Khrushchev. I know of no way Israel could have ordered the Secret Service agents away from Kennedy’s open limo, as the famous video shows, thus providing assassins clear shots, and I know of no way Israel could have ordered military doctors with members of the Joint Chiefs standing in the room to alter Kennedy’s head wound in order to support the fiction that Kennedy was shot by Oswald from behind.

Unz blames Israel for 9/11, because it was Israel that benefitted as Washington responded by eliminating enemies of Israel in the Middle East in “the war on terror.” There is no doubt that Israel knew in advance of the Twin Towers destruction, including the day and the hour. There is no other explanation for the Israeli agents whose camera was set up in advance to film the destruction and who were seen dancing in joy in celebration. These agents were held for a period, then returned without explanation to Israel, and they did not appear in the 9/11 Commission’s report.

But Unz goes too far in suggesting that Israel carried out the plot. It is unlikely that Israel could have secured access to wire three World Trade Center buildings for demolition without US authorities knowing. It is unlikely Israel could have caused the US military to be holding a simulation of the actual event while it was happening in order to cause confusion to prevent flights from being intercepted. It is unlikely Israel could have caused VP Cheney to prevent interception of whatever hit the Pentagon. It is unlikely Israel could have caused NIST to produce its fake report on the towers’ destruction. But Zionist neoconservatives strongly allied with Israel and serving as high officials in the Pentagon and National Security Council could and would as long as Cheney and Rumsfeld, long on close terms with their neoconservative officials, went along. Everyone involved knew that the lure of war profits and the media orchestrated outrage against “Muslim Terrorists” would prevent any thought of 9/11 being an inside job.

It is entirely possible that Israel was the origin of the plot, but its implementation would have required high level organization by the US government. What gives away US government involvement is the lack of White House and Congressional interest in any investigation of how a few Saudi Arabians defeated the national security apparatus of the United States and delivered the most humiliating blow to a superpower imaginable. If the official narrative were true, there would have been irresistible demands for full accountability from the US government itself.

It is Unz’s position on the two most contentious issues that I find most vulnerable. The rest of the volume is one revelation after another, the final one being “Giants Silenced by Pygmies.” In this long article Unz documents America’s persecution of the best journalists, historians, and courageous whistleblowers for the crime of telling the truth. It is a frightening story as it shows the extreme lengths to which those served by false narratives will go in order to protect their political, financial, and ideological agendas. Arriving at truth is extremely difficult and growing more so. We must be thankful to Ron Unz for the truths he has revealed.

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