Biden Again Shows a Nazi Face

Biden Again Shows a Nazi Face

Paul Craig Roberts

The tyrannical anti-American Biden Regime tried to again seize the legislative function from Congress and mandate the unconstitutional requirement that medical doctors must perform “gender-transition” operations and abortions regardless of their religious beliefs.

To be clear, the White House Tyrant tried to coerce medical doctors into acting contrary to their beliefs.

A federal district court slapped down the White House Nazi. When the Nazi regime appealed, the US Court of Appeals for the Firth Circuit unanimously upheld the district court.

What do Americans think of a Nazi dictator who tries to control doctors’ beliefs and behavior? How did a person so disrespectful of the US Constitution and others’ beliefs get to be president of the United States? If the American people really elected a person this utterly corrupt, what worth is the American people?

Do Americans realize that they have a president who places the sick, perverse agenda of a tiny number of transgender freaks above the US Constitution and religious beliefs of the American people? Do we have a president who is Satanic?

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