Why Is the German Government Supporting Nazism?

Why Is the German Government Supporting Nazism?

Paul Craig Roberts

A few days ago I wrote about the mind-boggling incongruities of our time–https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/08/12/the-incongruities-of-our-time-are-mind-boggling/ .
The incongruities become more pronounced with every passing day, and they go without notice or comment.

Afterwards, I read that a guard in Germany gave a Nazi salute to someone or on some occasion, meant probably as a sign of approval, and he was arrested for committing a crime. Germany is so thoroughly under the lock and key of the Israel Lobby that Germans have no independent existence, especially as they remain occupied by Washington which permits no possibility of German sovereignty.

In Germany a Nazi salute is a felony. So is questioning the official narrative of WW II which includes the Holocaust. A German scholar, no matter how distinguished or how much evidence he has, who raises any doubt about any aspect of the Holocaust narrative is sentenced to prison. German historians are not even permitted to point out that WW II started because England and France declared war on Germany. The simple basic facts of the war’s origin cannot be legally acknowledged by German historians. The truth is considered Nazi apologetics.

With Nazis so discredited that punishment is visited upon any German who might find even a small thing in National Socialism’s favor, such as full employment, how is it that the German government supports the Bandera Nazis in Ukraine who are fighting against Donbass Russians just as they did for Hitler in WW II?

Americans, whose interests are limited to football and golf scores, are unaware that Western Ukraine, the part that Washington controls, fought for Hitler against their own country. These same elements are now fighting for Washington against Russia. Why isn’t the German government arresting itself for violating German law and actively supporting Nazism with its weapons systems and diplomatic support given to the Ukrainian Nazis?

The answer is that the German government is not sufficiently intelligent to realize, must less, answer the question, nor does it have the sovereignty to do anything about it. Germany is a captive nation and has been since 1945. Indeed, there is no German government, and there has not been a German government since Hitler. All governments since are Washington’s governments. Not a single one of them has ever represented German interests instead of Washington’s interest. Occasionally they make a fuss, but it is only to get more money from Washington.

So, we are left confronting the paradox that the same German government which punishes Germans for anything that can be construed as a favorable reference, no matter how limited, to Nazi Germany, whether a salute or a statement of absolute fact, has committed Germany to the support of Ukrainian Nazis who wear Nazi insignia on their uniforms. The German government even supports the Ukrainian Nazis to the extent of providing them with billions of dollars of weapons with which to fight the anti-Nazi Russians.

Don’t expect the corrupt whores who comprise the German media, the media of Europe, and the media of the US to notice this extraordinary incongruity.

Incongruity is a major feature of the Western world. No truth can be found in any government or media statement. Reality is unfamiliar to the West as the Western world marches in total ignorance to its death.

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