Do You Remember the Skripals? Whatever Happened to Them?

Do You Remember the Skripals? Whatever Happened to Them?

The father Sergei and his daughter Yulia are Russian. Sergei was a Soviet spy who betrayed his colleagues to the UK government. The daughter came from Russia to visit him, and both were allegedly poisoned by the Kremlin, but they survived. The propaganda story was a demonization of Putin and never made any sense. As suddenly as they appeared, the Skripals disappeared from the news.

Eric Zuesse reports:

“Sergei Skripal has not been seen in public since the day of the first alleged Novichok attack, March 4, 2018. He has not been heard on the telephone by family members since June 26, 2019 . Yulia Skripal was last seen in a British and US-directed interview at a US bomber base in May 2018;  her last telephone call was heard on November 20, 2020 . In the seventeen months since then, there has been no independent evidence  [after 26 June 2019] that they are alive.”

Zuesse wonders if the Skripals were murdered by the UK government or given false identities and sent to New Zealand.

Clearly, the story was such a fabrication that it had to be dropped and the Skripals disappeared by one means or the other.

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