Republican Liz Cheney Spearheads Democrat Attempt to Indict President Trump for Insurrection

Republican Liz Cheney Spearheads Democrat Attempt to Indict President Trump for Insurrection

Paul Craig Roberts

Insouciant Wyoming Republicans sent Liz Cheney to Congress to help the Democrats destroy the Republican Party by building a case out of thin air that President Donald Trump organized a coup to keep himself in power.  

The charge that Trump planned a coup has never made any sense whatsoever, because President Trump authorized 20,000 National Guard soldiers to protect the Capitol during the January 6 rally for Trump, which was held at the Washington Monument, not at the Capitol.  If Trump had organized a coup plot, why would he authorize troops to be on hand to put it down?

This obvious question has never been asked by the Democrats and whore media.  Instead, Republican US Representative Liz Cheney has made big deal out of denying that President Trump issued an order to deploy the National Guard to protect the Capitol.

There is a huge difference between “authorizing” troops and an “order to deploy” troops, and Liz Cheney cleverly obfuscates the difference.  It is unconstitutional for a president to deploy the US military domestically.  A president can authorize the use of troops, but deployment requires a request, in the case of the District of Columbia by the mayor.  The Democrat mayor following the Democrat game plan refused to make the request.  

By pretending that Trump claims to have issued an order to deploy troops to protect the Capitol, a power the president does not have, Liz Cheney achieves her aim of presenting Trump as a liar, while obscuring the fact that if Trump planned a coup, he would not authorize the use of troops and put that authorization in the hands of Democrats so that they could put down his coup.  The fact that the Democrats did not accept Trump’s offer proves that they knew that there was no planned coup or insurrection.  

If the Democrats actually knew of a planned coup and rejected the authorized troops, the Democrats are guilty of complicity in the coup by rejecting National Guard deployment.

The idea that a few unarmed people, even if they were acting on their own and not guided by federal agents, could cause an insurrection by walking around in the Capitol and taking selfies of themselves sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair is mindless.  How is it possible that the Democrats have been able to perpetuate such a fantasy in hearings month after month reported assiduously by the whore media and actually convince people of such a fantasy?  Yet American citizens have been arrested for insurrection, held in solitary confinement, framed, and convicted by all-Democrat-juries of participating in an insurrection and committed to prison.  The Republican Party has done nothing to stop this outrage.  Hows can Republicans be seen as leaders when they turn their backs on their own supporters?

Why is Republican Liz Cheney helping Democrats demonize and discredit a Republican President?  What is wrong with Wyoming Republicans that they stupidly elected Liz Cheney to Congress? 

The scary part is that it is the Democrats who are conducting a coup, and the Republicans are too weak to do anything about it. The US lacks an objective media to blow the whistle and wake up the insouciant American population. The CIA, the FBI, and the US Department of Justice (sic) are all part of the Democrat’s coup.  The presstitutes are driving the coup.  If Americans fall for it, they will find themselves under Democrat dictatorship. Executive orders will replace legislation, courts will be shunted aside, and the greatest crime will be to believe in the values of the Founding Fathers.  

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