The Frame-up of Bo-Jo

The Frame-up of Bo-Jo

Paul Craig Roberts

The British Prime Minister has had to resign because one of his appointees groped two male members of Parliament.  Allegedly, this qualifies as a sexual scandal of which Bo-Jo was aware, allegedly, when he appointed the homosexual.

How does this qualify as a scandal in the most buggered of all nations?  Moreover, as all sexual preferences are now equal–it is only a matter of choice, as is one’s gender–how is it possible to regard a homosexual minister’s groping as reason for the Prime Minister, who did not do the groping, to resign?  It seems that, despite being Woke, the old rules regarding sexual perversion are still in place in buggered Britain.

Moreover, how do we know that the person doing the groping is not a man transgendered into a woman seeking to entice male attention or attention of one of the 150 genders the BBC was advised exist?  Really now, how can we impose “proper behavior” on so many genders who have free choice, and all choices are legitimate?

How do we really explain Woke England being so out of step with itself?

The answer is that many want to be in the lime light of Prime Minister, and Bo-Jo is in their way. First you collaborate to get the sitting PM out of the way, like what happened to Margaret Thatcher.  Then you compete with the other conspirators for the limelight.

Once you secure the PM position, you appoint a cabinet that you hope won’t conspire against you in hopes of replacing you with one of them as the “most important person in Britain.”

One wonders what the British revival of Victorian sexual mores would mean in the Woke United States.  America is a Woke land where there is no difference, other than choice, between normality and perversion.  Biden did not have to resign because his assistant secretary of energy is a homosexual who delights in enacting bestiality and wears high heels when he testifies before Congress

With the Biden regime so committed to sexual diversity, no one bothered when Biden appointed a man who claims to be a woman or a woman who claims to be a man as assistant secretary of eduction.  Is it sound educational policy to have an assistant secretary of education who is so  confused by his/her own gender?  Are we really happy that 15-year old girls are having their breasts removed, because the public schools have convinced them that they are boys?

Wokeness is collapsing Western military forces just as Washington gins up war with Russia and China.  In the US white heterosexual males are imposed upon in the military. This backbone of the fighting force is forced to take “sensitivity training,” from which they learn that they must accept the unmerited promotion of blacks, homosexuals, and women in front of them and that they cannot possibly discipline such privileged people without being accused of being a racist or misogynist or homophobic.  The consequence is to destroy military discipline.

In  Canada, the Woke military has become a public joke as this news item reveals:

Will Canada’s Soldiers Be Able to Fight when Their Hairdos and Long Fingernails Are at Risk?

Canadian military to allow skirts and hair coloring for soldiers.

Changes to the dress code were long overdue, the military authorities say.

Below are photos of two of Biden’s appointees.  This is what the new leadership of the Western world looks like.







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