Rewriting the Trump Presidency

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Rewriting the Trump Presidency

Paul Craig Roberts

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” ― George Orwell, 1984

The Democrats and their despicable presstitute scum have invented a January 6 “Trump Insurrection.” In this fake news narrative, Trump assembled his forces of Trump deplorables and white supremacists to overturn the Democrats’ election victory with an assault on the Capitol. The Democrats claim that it was a scene of massive violence with police officers killed and the US Capitol broken into by insurrectionists intent on seizing control of the US government by taking videos of themselves sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair.

In truth Trump was speaking at the time a mile or more away at the Washington Monument to his supporters who had come to show their support for the presentation of evidence to the members of Congress that the election had been stolen from Trump. It was this hearing that the FBI orchestrated “insurrection” at the Capitol was orchestrated to prevent. And thanks to Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell and other weak- kneed Republicans, the FBI succeeded. The terrified Republicans, who fell for the fake news reports of insurrection, fled from the hearings, leaving the evidence of election theft unpresented.

The Capitol police opened the doors of the Capitol and escorted a few weird looking “Trump supporters” around the Capitol. The only death was a white female veteran who was shot for no legitimate reason by a black Capitol policeman. For the longest time the murderer’s name was refused release, and in the end the black policeman who killed the white female veteran suffered no accountability.

You see, the Democrat/FBI narrative needed some violence to make the alleged “break-in” credible, so they killed a US military veteran, a woman.

It has never been explained why any Trump supporters were at the Capitol instead of at the Washington Monument a mile or more away listening to Trump’s address, which most certainly did not support any insurrection or violence. The people were there to show public support for the Congressional hearings showing the theft of the election from Trump. Everyone, including the Democrats who successfully stole the election, knew the election was stolen.

(Note: I paid close attention to the evidence presented by numerous independent experts that the elections in the “swing states” were stolen. There is no doubt whatsoever that the elections were stolen. The evidence is as hard as a rock and as clear as clear water.)

The Democrats using the completely politicized and therefore completely unreliable security forces of the US government have been prosecuting alleged Trump supporters for “insurrection.” Many were held in violation of the US Constitution for long periods of time without charges for which there were no basis in order to break their will and force false confessions. Others are still languishing in prison in violation of habeas corpus. Reports are that torture has been employed.

As a result of the stolen election the Democrats are the majority power in Congress, the Democrats can control the present and thereby the past. They are rewriting history in their political interest and have recruited a presstitute, a former ABC News executive, to turn their orchestrated hearings on the “Trump Insurrection” into a movie that will brainwash the public.

In case you don’t know, let me give an indication of the brainwashing power of movies. Back when I was a university professor I was lecturing on the Russian Revolution. I actually knew something about the subject and had published articles in journals of scholarship such as Slavic Review and Soviet Studies. A student interrupted me and said, “That’s not the way in happened in the movie.” I thought he was making a joke and laughed, but he was serious. The movie was right and I was wrong. This was my first experience of a scholar being overruled by Hollywood.

The “Trump Insurrection” is necessary for the Democrats, because the accumulated evidence shows conclusively that the election was stolen from Trump and the Republicans. The Democrats, having damned Trump supporters as insurrectionists and white supremacists have to establish this narrative or be discredited as a political party.

So the Democrats have hired a former NBC news executive to prouduce the Democrat’s movie of “Trump’s Insurrection Against America.”

James Goldston is their man. He is aiming for a “raw presentation of evidence” for the purpose of creating the appearance of “fresh evidence” and fresh material that will give a longer life to the fake news in the news cycle.

So, what are the Mitch McConnell Republicans doing? The wimps are focusing not on the Democrats/FBI orchestration of a lie, but on the “security failings that led to the Capitol violence.” In other words, the Republican idiots accept the violence. They blame in on the Democrats’ refusal to accept the Capitol security President Trump offered for the hearing that never took place about the stolen election.

Among the Democrats’ goals, along with demonizing Trump for history, are an act in order to prevent claims of electoral theft, and the abolishment of the Electoral College.

The Republicans have a few fighters, but not enough to establish the truth. Jim Jordan, Ron DeSantis, and a handful of others stand for America. The rest stand against America. They stand with the private interest groups that rule America with their Supreme Court approved power to purchase the government with their political campaign contributions.

Democracy cannot serve the public’s interest when the public is misled about its interest, when a political party desires power above all else, when there are no independent media sources to challenge interest-serving agendas and narratives, and when the public is too preoccupied to pay attention.

Just as the history of the United States has been rewritten as a crime against humanity by the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” and the History of Northern Aggression rewritten as a battle over slavery, Donald Trump is destined to go down in history as a President rejected by voters who was determined to hold on to power and organized an insurrection against America.

Shame no longer exists and neither does respect for truth among Democrats and the whore Western media. How can we free ourselves from the evil that they represent?

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