The Western Propaganda Machine is the World’s Finest

The Western Propaganda Machine is the World’s Finest

Soren Korsgaard

Suddenly, abruptly, and unexpectedly, the mainstream media went from non-stop “take the vaccine or you will die” to the “Russian threat.” Government, media, and UN priorities completely changed virtually overnight. No analyst had expected such a swift departure from the COVID fear narrative that had lasted for more than two years. In lieu of being terrorized by the alleged black-plague-like dangers of COVID, the masses are now subjugated to foreign affairs threats, spearheaded by such media reports as the Daily Mail’s: “Putin’s ‘propagandist-in-chief’ threatens the West with nuclear destruction as he boasts Moscow’s subs ‘can shoot more than 500 warheads.’” 

    Fear has many uses. To industry and government it is a marketing tool. When a company generates fear it is with the intention of making money. For example, when you order an airline ticket online, the flight company tries to sell you a variety of products by making you fearful. They will try to sell you an insurance policy while posing the question, “What if you get sick on your vacation?” or even offer the argument that you need to upgrade to a flexible ticket because “what if you tested positive for COVID?” Industry has many tools in its sales arsenal, fear is one of them. Government, on the other hand, uses fear to get power. If government can generate a lot of fear, it can attain a lot of power. The two are directly proportional. The exploitation and exaggeration of SARS CoV-2 afforded government with more power than ever before. Never before in modern history has the world been as fearful as during the COVID orchestration. The successful operation provided governments with the ability to close national economies, impose deadly vaccine mandates, and completely change the global landscape for the worse. Now, government wants us to believe that Russia is resurrecting the Soviet Empire. The Russian-Ukraine conflict will be used, like COVID, to further the agenda of the elite. They want more monopolies, more power, more supremacy of the state. 

    In an effort to demonize Russia, the West has condemned the Donbass intervention in every possible way and has adopted an explicit war stance including targeting information for Ukraine to attack Crimea. Western governments have killed millions in the Middle East and North Africa in the past 20 years. And many more prior to the 9/11 wars, especially in Asia. Not once were these actions widely condemned or sanctions imposed against the US and other players, but instead the media encouraged and facilitated the atrocities through propaganda. In 2013 in Radda, the capital of the Bayda province in Yemen, a US drone bombed several vehicles traveling to a wedding. More than a dozen people were murdered. In fact, the US has bombed a large number of weddings, funerals, and children’s soccer games during the 9/11 wars. On October 3, 2015, The US bombed a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing more than 30 doctors, staff members, and patients. The US-led invasion has conducted thousands of such atrocities during the past two decades. From official sources, we can learn that during 2016, the US dropped 26,171 bombs. The countries suffering US-inflicted atrocities include Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan. Approximately 70 bombs were dropped daily. If each bomb killed on average 50 people, the US murdered 1.3 million people violently in just one year – and that does not account for war-imposed deprivation. How many died because of destroyed infrastructure and lack of care due to bombed hospitals and sanctions against the provision of medicine as in Iraq.

    Right now, the Internet and media are blanketed with statements such as “We stand with Ukraine” and “Hands off Ukraine.” Never ever did we previously see anything like this for the Western invasions and their millions of murders and bombings, like “We stand with Yemen, “Hands off Afghanistan,” or “Stop Bombing Hospitals.” Government and media can effortlessly lead the people in any direction they want, like magic. Government is pro-war but it can assume an anti-war stance if it supports its agendas. The current manipulation of the masses has been carried out to ensure that there is very little resistance against worsening the West’s relations with Russia, which means raising the risk of nuclear war. The sanctions are on par with COVID lockdowns. Consequently, consumer prices have increased rapidly. First, people were artificially forced into poverty through lockdowns. Now, specifically targeted sanctions threaten already impaired living standards worldwide. 

   The pro-war stance taken by the West against Russia is more dangerous than the West’s wars in the Middle East and North Africa. In June 2020, my company published US-Imposed Post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide, one of the essential books to peruse to understand consequences of war, media manipulation and complicity, and the 9/11 false flag attack. We sent out 10,000 emails and 100 physical copies to journalists, news organizations, prominent scientists, alleged anti-war activists, the International Criminal Court, and politicians all over the world, yet the response was deafeningly silent. This tells us all about the alleged humanitarian conscience of the mainstream West.

Søren Korsgaard is the CEO of and the editor of The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published: Deadly Deception Exposed. 

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