The Kremlin Never Learns

The Kremlin Never Learns

Paul Craig Roberts

Thinking that Ukraine had agreed, or was about to agree, to be a neutral country, Russia pulled its troops out of the Kiev area.  These troops had surrounded Kiev and occupied its suburbs.  When the Russians left, a propaganda blitz erupted in the Western whore media and government councils that the Russians had been defeated and, angry at their defeat, slaughtered civilians, thus committing war crimes like the US committed in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Vietnam, etc.

The difference is that Washington is permitted to commit war crimes, because they are not really war crimes, just acts of promoting democracy.

Another difference is that Washington’s war crimes are real, whereas Russia’s are propaganda creations.

Nevertheless, although innocent, the Russians deserve their beating, because they are so foolish as to continually set themselves up for demonization.  How is it possible that after all that has happened, the Kremlin did not comprehend that Russia’s withdrawal, meant as an encouragement to negotiations, would be reported as a defeat and a war crime?  Does the Kremlin have any competent advisors?  The Kremlin, despite all statements to the contrary, evidentially still thinks the West is honest and will report truthfully the facts and respect Russia’s effort to find a peaceful solution.  It is mind blowing that no one in the Kremlin understood that once the Russians withdrew, bodies, dead or play-acting, would be shown on Western media as proof of Putin’s war crimes. 

I don’t know why Bloomberg News is so fiercely Russophobic, but here is Bloomberg’s totally false report of Russia’s withdrawal from Bucha. The rest of the Western media is the same or worse:

“President Joe Biden said Vladimir Putin should be tried for war crimes as the U.S. and European Union consider more sanctions to further punish Russia—this time for an alleged mass killing of civilians that’s fueled global outrage. The EU condemned atrocities committed against Ukrainian civilians that were discovered as Russia withdrew from around Kyiv, including allegations of torture and executions. Ukraine said more than 400 dead civilians have been found in the towns around Kyiv. In a statement on behalf of the 27-nation bloc, EU chief foreign envoy Josep Borrell blamed the occupying Russian forces for the dead bodies seen strewn across the streets of Bucha. ‘The Russian authorities are responsible for these atrocities, committed while they had effective control of the area,’ Borrell said. ‘The massacres in the town of Bucha and other Ukrainian towns will be inscribed in the list of atrocities committed on European soil.’”  

Ukraine, allegedly considering its surrender terms in negotiations, declared the Russian withdrawal to be a Ukrainian military victory with Russian forces driven out by victorious Ukrainian freedom fighters. This is not a narrative that puts pressure on Ukraine to agree to Russia’s demands.

The Russian government has demanded that the UN Security Council investigate the real situation in Bucha, thus setting Russia up for another propaganda blow from the US dominated UN. 

There is not a single statement by Washington’s puppet, Ukraine president Zelensky, that supports the negotiations that the Kremlin is conducting.  The Kremlin prefers to lose its wars in pointless negotiations.  Why doesn’t the Kremlin just go ahead and surrender?

The Russian intervention in Ukraine, had it been properly conducted, could have ended the provocations of Russia that will eventually end in nuclear war.  But the Kremlin, determined to show its goodness, failed to recognize that the Satanic West could not care less about facts and good intentions.  What Putin’s well-intentioned and limited intervention in Ukraine has achieved is the total demonization of Putin and Russia with the President of the United States calling for Putin to be tried as a war criminal just as were German officers and officials following World War II, despite the evidence.  Just as with the Nuremberg Trials, real evidence is not required.  In the Western whore media assertion alone rules.

The war underway is a propaganda war, and the Kremlin has lost.  The Kremlin’s inability at psyops makes Russian military superiority almost pointless. 

Washington’s wars are conducted ruthlessly.  Everything is bombed and blown to pieces, including weddings, funerals, kids’ soccer games.  The West doesn’t understand war that doesn’t blow everything up.  What Russia could have accomplished in 3 days is now in its 41st day.  The narrative of Russian aggression is set in stone, and the Russian military has been made to look ineffective.  The chance to end the provocations with quick and decisive action was lost.  

Will the next provocation  be Finland’s entry into NATO, will it be another go at color revolution in Central Asia, or will it be a war crime tribunal with Putin, Lavrov, and Shoigu tried and convicted in absentia?

In the midst of all of this, the Kremlin continues to keep the economies of its NATO enemies alive by exporting its gas.

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