Rule of Law in America Is On Its Death Bed

Rule of Law in America Is On Its Death Bed

Paul Craig Roberts

Kimberly Gardner, a black American Democrat circuit attorney in St Louis hired a black American FBI agent to help her frame white American Republican Missouri governor on false charges.  Gardner’s scheme blew up in her face. This corrupt George Soros-backed Democrat prosecutor faces disciplinary hearings and loss of law license.  She would face worse but she is protected by Soros and the corrupt Democrat establishment in St. Louis. 

The black American FBI agent, William Don Tisaby, has pled guilty to tampering with evidence rather than to risk trial on seven counts. 

Both American political parties have corrupted law and the prosecutorial process by weaponizing it in the fight for political power.  We saw this most clearly in the stolen presidential election when Democrats completely ignored election laws in order to remove Trump from office.  Some years previously, Republican prosecutors and judges succeeded in framing  the Democrat governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman, in order to maintain Republican hold on the South.  The totally innocent Siegelman spent 6 years in prison.

The Republicans got away with their frameup of the Alabama Democrat governor.  The Democrats got away with their stolen presidential election. But the St. Louis prosecutor failed in her attack on the Missouri governor.

Justice winning only one out of three does not speak well of the health of the rule of law.  Both Democrats and Republicans have forgot that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.  Unfortunately, the rule of law is also a casualty, and when it goes we all go with it.

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