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The Fake News Matrix

Paul Craig Roberts

A friend insisted that I  watch some of the US TV reporting of Russia’s police action in Eastern Ukraine, called a “Russian invasion” by the Western Presstitutes.  He said it was such comically infantile war propaganda that he was insulted that the media would think Americans stupid enough to fall for it.  To sum it up, there was no reporting, just fictions deployed to demonize Putin and Russia in the most incompetent way conceivable.  The Russians are both destroying Ukraine, bombing and killing everyone, shooting down Ukrainians as they flee cities and losing the war. Their invasion has been halted by Ukrainian forces led by neo-Nazi “freedom fighters.”  This despite all “freedom fighters” being surrounded and cut off.  Massive Russian loses of troops, tanks, and jet fighters are reported.  Only a portion of the Russian troops have been committed to combat, but according to the presstitutes Russia is reduced to replacing its decimated troops with conscripted untrained youth and elderly men and begging China for weapons with which to fight.  Hungry and unfed Russian troops are surrendering to Ukrainian forces in order to get something to eat.  Russia is on the verge of being unable to continue fighting. As soon as Putin is captured, former British prime ministers want him tried as a war criminal. The “news” degenerates from this point on.

The “invasion” is a limited military operation in eastern Ukraine to clear Donbass of the Ukrainian military elements, both official army and neo-Nazi militias, that have been shelling Donbass Russians for 8 years.  Russia intervened after the West and Ukraine consistently refused to abide by the Minsk Agreement  and cease the attacks.

The intervention has been highly successful. Precision strikes destroyed Ukrainian military infrastructure and weapon systems prior to the arrival of Russian troops.  Ukraine has no air force left, no navy left. Its military units are cut off and surrounded.  The only remaining obstacle is the neo-Nazis who have taken advantage of the Russian policy of minimizing civilian casualties by ensconcing themselves among civilian populations.  The Russians created corridors for civilians to leave, but the neo-Nazi militias do not permit it as they are using the civilians as shields.  The Russians are deciding between letting the neo-Nazis leave, which means they would escape both death and the war crimes trials the Russians intend for them, or accepting the casualties of street by street fighting.  Negotiations with Zelensky to end the conflict don’t seem to make much sense as Zelensky does not have control over the neo-Nazi militias.

The presstitutes’ blathering about sending jet fighters and weapons to Ukraine’s embattled forces is nonsense. There is no way for the weapons to get through the Russian lines and no airfields in Ukraine from which jet fighters, for which no pilots exist, can operate.  The notion of a US/NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine is comical. Russian air superiority is total.

The Russian military intervention could have been avoided, but Washington insisted on leaving Russia no choice. Washington wanted the intervention.  Fearful of losing its European empire to growing trade relations and energy dependence on Russia, Washington is using the intervention for a psyops campaign that puts Russia beyond the pale. The entire “international community,” like a bunch of lemmings, is in the process of eliminating all Russian connections.  Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, has had his name erased from a space conference celebrating human achievements, and the International Energy Agency has proposed “Car-free Sundays” to punish Putin, which somehow won’t punish those confined to home on Sundays, American oil companies, and Saudi Arabia.

Andrei Martyanov reminds us of the extent of the “international community.”  Meanwhile, the rest of the world marvels that the Western world with its plan to destroy 7 countries in 5 years can only find war criminals in Russia.

My concern about Russia’s limited military operation is that the concern with civilian lives delays the conclusion and gives time for the West to blunder into a wider war.  The limited operation and delay also deprives Russia of the “shock and awe” effect of a total and quick conquest, easily within their means, which could have made Europe realize that provoking Russia is not a good policy and cease enabling Washington’s provocations, which eventually will result in nuclear war.  In other words, better Ukrainian casualties now than the whole world later.

The silver lining in the sanctions is that they are forcing Russia to disengage from globalism and thereby will reduce the danger of nuclear war by minimizing Russia’s contacts with the West.  Those who are defeated by the sanctions are the pro-Western fifth column inside Russia known as the “Atlanticist Integrationists,” those determined that Russia sacrifice its sovereignty in order to be part of the West.  The sanctions have damaged the influence of the West’s fifth column inside Russia.


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