Washington Takes Us a Step Closer to War

Washington Takes Us a Step Closer to War

Paul Craig Roberts

It is important that you understand that according to news reports the US government and its British puppet are sanctioning the persons of Putin and Lavrov as I write.  Putin has already said that any such insult will result in the break of diplomatic relations.  Either the governments of the US and UK are intentionally driving the situation to a wider conflict or they are too stupid to be in office.  Historically, a break in diplomatic relations is a step towards war. 

The sanction is a gratuitous insult as Putin has no assets abroad to be frozen, and I very much doubt Lavrov does either.

Clearly, Washington is doing everything possible to inflame the situation, not reduce the tensions.  All the trouble can end now by the West supporting the demilitarization of Ukraine.

Instead, a crazed, insane, psychopathic US government is pushing the world to nuclear war. Dumbshit conservative Republicans and dumbshit liberal Democrats are united in inflaming a dangerous situation.  The world has never seen such irresponsibility.

Insouciant Americans have failed to pay attention for so long that, if truth be told, the situation is out of control.  There is zero intelligence in Washington.  In its place is a blind Russophobia. There are no objective Russian experts in the US to encourage a sane foreign policy. Objective analysis is regarded as Russian propaganda and ignored.  Everything that Washington has done leads to conflict with Russia.  The mix of a total lack of objectivity with nuclear weapons is disaster’s recipe.

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