The Battle for Freedom in Canada Is Not Over, But at the moment the Truckers Are Ahead

I am all for the Canadian Truckers. They have carried three provinces of Canada and a judge with them, but I doubt it will be as easy as they think. They have declared war on the ruling elite just as Trump did, and we know what happened to Trump. But the truckers and their supporters are many, and they are determined. I never expected this strength of resistance from Canadians. My respect for the Canadian people has sky-rocketed.

The speaker, Chris Sky, is an effective leader. He now has a target on his back like Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

The Corrupt Ottawa Government Tried to Get the Truckers to Enter the Parliament Building so They Could Scream “Truckers Insurrection”

Nurse Kristen Nagle Whose Life Was Ruined By the Lying Scum of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Gives the CBC Scum a Painful Public Shaming to their faces in the Streets of Ottawa

Judge orders Ottawa police to return fuel taken from truckers:

Saskatchewan lifts restrictions:

Alberta lifts restrictions:

Quebec Premier Francois Legault signaled on Tuesday the lifting of Covid measures in his jurisdiction by mid-March.

If “free” peoples in other countries can find the courage and determination of Canadians, we can bring to an end the ruling elite’s assault on our lives, health, and freedom.

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