The Elite Gathers Its Forces for a Counterattack on the Truckers

The Elite Gathers Its Forces for a Counterattack on the Truckers

Paul Craig Roberts

There are reports that the Ottawa police, faithful servants, not of the people, but of the ruling elite, are attempting to prevent food and water and all “material support” from reaching the Truckers. In other words, the ruling elite is making an effort to starve out the truckers.

There are also reports that Washington has appeared on the Canadian scene with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security. These two American agencies of the ruling elite are there to do “enhanced investigation.” The FBI and DHS are focused on identifying every protester and everyone involved in organizing and supporting the convoy and everyone who can be charged with “enabling the harmful and unlawful” protest. Vehicle registration, driver ID, and insurance status are among the data that “will be used in criminal prosecutions.” Listen to the Gestapo police chief describe a protest as a crime in the 2 minute video:

The question is whether this is real or whether it is public announcements to scare people away from the protest and to break the strong morale of the truckers. It might be that like the “Trump Insurrection” prosecutions, a few hundred people will be selected for ruin in order to teach the public a lesson.

But this time, the net could be cast wider. They might even arrest people who sent money.

The ruling elite are completely against the people and have secret agendas that are detrimental for the people. The elite know that they cannot tolerate any kind of protest or refusal to obey illegal mandates.

Whereas I was encouraged by the truckers’ protest, I was concerned that, like those at the Trump rally, the truckers and their supporters did not understand that their protest rights are limited to protesting for the elite, not against them. The Constitution, First Amendment, Freedom of Assembly are impotent because they are not respected by the authorities in power. For some time it has been clear that peaceful protests are impotent, because the authorities don’t respect the people or care what they think or want. The authorities only serve a tiny handful of elites who hold the people in contempt.

If the truckers and their supporters were well armed and prepared to resort to violence, the situation would be too large for the police and even for the Canadian Army. Trudeau would have to come out of hiding and ask for Washington’s intervention to save the elite from the people. In other words, the US would have to invade Canada.

At the present time, the elite are strong but not strong enough to justify to the world a US invasion to overthrow and suppress the Canadian people. Not even the whore American and Canadian media could dress this up as “saving democracy from domestic terrorists.” The Canadian government would have to give in to the protest and retract its illegal, counterfactual , and counterproductive mandate.

If the Canadian government prevails, tyranny will have taken a giant step forward. The elites will know that they can break the back of any protest.

There is no peaceful way to deal with Evil. Evil prevails when those facing it do not realize what they are up against and fail to take decisive action when it would have won the day. I fear this will be the fate of the truckers’ protest.

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