US Federal Courts Reject Biden’s Tyranny but Austria Shows Its True Nazi Colors

US Federal Courts Reject Biden’s Tyranny but Austria Shows Its True Nazi Colors

Paul Craig Roberts

The American political system based on the separation of powers has held for now against the tyrannical developments that are sweeping away civil liberty in the “free West.” The US Supreme Court deep-sixed Biden’s mandate that employees of private businesses must be injected with the dangerous Covid “vaccine” despite the evidence that the “vaccine” does not protect against Covid but does cause injury and death. The Supreme Court ruled that the president is without statutory authority to issue such a mandate, an obvious ruling as in the US law is the responsibility of Congress.

Now federal district judge Jeffrey Brown has ruled that Biden also lacks the authority to issue a mandate that all federal employees be injected with the Covid “vaccine.” The president’s authority is limited to “workplace conduct” and a coerced medical procedure does not fall under workplace conduct.

As I reported — — the British government has refused to continue with the tyranny and has ended all Covid passports, mask mandates, and work restrictions.

But outside the US, England, and Sweden the rest of the no longer free West is collapsing into tyranny. Australia puts people in concentration camps. Canada seems not far behind. Germany, Italy, and Austria, the fascist powers of World War II, have completely repudiated, again, the civil liberty of their captive populations. The ruling German nazis want to confine the nonvaccinated to house arrest. The Italian fascists fine those who are not injected with the potentially lethal “vaccine” and suspend without salary public employees who are not injected. An Italian journalist who has not yet been shutdown reports that:

It is now impossible to enter post offices and banks without vaccination.

It is now impossible to go into the shops and do a generic shopping if you are without vaccination: only “necessary goods” but what goods are necessary is decided by the government.

It is now completely impossible to go to the gym without vaccination and a mask.

It is now impossible for those who are not vaccinated to go to the tobacconist’s and buy a newspaper.

It is now impossible for those who are not vaccinated to ski.

It is now impossible for those who are not vaccinated to enter a bookstore.

It is now totally impossible for those who are not vaccinated to use a long-distance train or airplane.

It is now impossible for the unvaccinated inhabitants of an island to arrive in mainland Italy. Sardinia is isolated. Sicily was isolated but its governor had a jolt of dignity and ordered to ignore the government order. The problem remains for the smaller islands and for Venice.

Unvaccinated parliamentarians residing on the islands cannot go to parliament unless they find a private ship to move them.

People queue for the third dose thinking about the fourth, still get sick with covid, recover with difficulty and some of them die. Government is silent.

Hospitals openly reject unvaccinated patients but the judiciary does not intervene. Government is silent.

The Swastika Again Flies Over Austria
Austria makes Covid vaccines mandatory

But it is Austria, formerly a part of Nazi Germany, that has gone the furtherest in crushing human freedom. The ruling Austrian Nazis have legislatively passed a law that the entire population of Austria must be injected with the dangerous “vaccine.” See it clearly, the representatives of the people themselves have voted against the people and imposed on the people tyranny.

It is Austria’s parliament, not some executive branch official bribed by the pharmaceutical companies, that has made vaccination compulsory for all citizens, with those who resist facing fines of up to 3,600 euros ($4,000) —

The British, the country that gave the Western world civil liberty, has abolished Covid mandates, and Austria, a Nazi state that has never done anything for freedom, has made it compulsory for all citizens to submit to the death jab.

The Nazi Austrian government has done this despite the conclusive evidence that the mRNA vaccines do not protect against Covid or its variants, but do inflect death and serious injuries on those who are jabbed.

The only possible conclusion is that the Austrian government is a murderous terrorist government that intends to injure and kill its own population.

Why haven’t the Austrian people risen up and overthrown this tyrannical Nazi government? Why do Austrians submit to being ruled by mass murderers?

Maybe this is a good thing. A population so stupid as to elect a government and to give it the power to injure and kill them has no survival value.

Goodbye Austria, and good riddance.

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