Covid Cases Explode In Heavily Pfizer Vaccinated Israel

Covid Cases Explode In Heavily Pfizer Vaccinated Israel

Paul Craig Roberts

Israel has 84% of its population aged 12 and up vaccinated.

Two days ago on Tuesday September 14, 2021, the Times of Israel reported that “the current wave of coronavirus infections is surpassing anything seen in previous outbreaks.”  Health Ministry data “showed that 10,000 new covid cases were diagnosed in a single day.”  And climbing. Instead of the predicted steady drop in outbreaks of new cases because of vaccination, the cases have exploded. Despite one of the highest rates of vaccination of all countries, Israel has the world’s largest number of Covid cases per capita.  It is two times larger than the US per capita rate.

We can conclude from Israel’s experience that either the Pfizer vaccine does not protect against Covid, of which Israel seems to be heavily infected, or the vaccine causes Covid, or causes adverse reactions that are confused with Covid.  

The Israeli Health Minister is either completely stupid or completely brainwashed into “vaccination is the answer” (or paid off by Pfizer) as the minister’s solution is to blame the 16% of the population that is not vaccinated despite the fact that the new cases are predominately among the vaccinated.

How long can it go on that health ministers, presstitutes, politicians, and medical establishments can continue to ignore the evidence and, instead, support the counterfactual position that “Vaccination is the Answer!”  

The West in the 21st century is supposed to be a scientific, technological society, yet in believes in vaccine fairy tales.

Or the ruling elites have an agenda unknown to the people.

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