Why Is Biden Mandating a Vaccine that Does Not Protect Against Covid?

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Why Is Biden Mandating a Vaccine that Does Not Protect Against Covid?

Paul Craig Roberts

The dumbshit American population sat on their butts and allowed a few Democrat gangsters to steal a presidential election and stick in the Oval Office a complete moron.

Doing his masters’ bidding, the moron is directing the Labor Department to rule that companies with 100 or more employees must require employees to be vaccinated or have weekly testing.  (The current PCR test in use is being abandoned as it produces false positives that have greatly exaggerated the number of Covid cases.)  

The moron is a puppet on a stick that gets moved around by the monied interests that rule us.  The moron has been directed to get all Americans “vaccinated” with a “vaccine” that the public health authorities themselves admit does not protect against Covid or the Delta variant or any of the other variants.  They have stated as much.  Their solution for a “vaccine’ that does not work is more of the “vaccine.”  Fauci says the population will need booster shots every 8 months forever.  The Israeli “health minister” is already pushing Israelis to have a fourth booster shot with more to come.

In other words, neither Fauci, the Israeli government, the elite controlling the narrative, nor the puppet on the stick are sufficiently intelligent to realize that what they are saying is:  If you are doubly vaccinated (until the other day “fully vaccinated” and assured of protection), today you no longer qualify as vaccinated, and you might be more vulnerable to Covid and its variants than the unvaccinated.  Moreover, as the Israeli “health minister” has said, you are not vaccinated even if you have the first booster shot, the third shot.  You must have a fourth booster.  Fauci has already said that you will have to have boosters forever.

In other words, the vaccine, whatever it is, is most certainly not a vaccine against Covid or its variants.

In view of these acknowledged facts, what is the point of the mad-hat vaccination campaign?  

Is it to maximize adverse vaccine reaction deaths and illnesses?  As of July, the combined adverse vaccine reaction databases of the US, EU, and UK reported more than 5 million adverse reactions and  40,000 deaths.  This information until recently was available on Google, but Google now hides it, and a search only pulls up Big Pharma propaganda that adverse reactions are “rare.”  In other words, the accomplices to murder at Google disavow the official adverse reaction reporting systems and suppress them for “spreading misinformation.”  

The numbers of adverse reactions and deaths associated with the Covid Vaccine are far greater than the officially reported numbers.  Many experts agree that few adverse reactions are reported.  Hospitals have financial incentives to call adverse reactions Covid cases. Vaccine advocates refuse to admit that there are adverse reactions.  Among some age groups the vaccine has done more harm than Covid.  These known facts are kept out of the media.

Then there is the other problem that is being kept secret.  The vaccine itself is the cause of the variants.  As I have previously reported, the vaccine enables the virus to escape immune response.  Thus, Covid cannot be controlled by mRNA vaccination.

The bottom line is:  The entirety of the Covid policy is, and has been,  counterproductive and greatly harmful to public health, the economy, and civil liberty, and the response of the American Elite is to continue the harm.

The Covid policy of the United States is a complete and total betrayal of the American people.  It is a policy of total Evil.

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