PCR Interviewed by Geofor Geopolitical Forecast: The Biden regime is undermining itself

PCR Interviewed by Geofor Geopolitical Forecast

The Biden regime is undermining itself

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, American economist, Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy,  former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration and a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal answers GEOFOR questions.

GEOFOR: Dear Dr. Roberts, we thank you for the time and effort you devote to answer our questions. We would like to discuss with you the domestic political situation in the United States, especially taking into account the midterm elections that will be held in November next year. And in this regard, our first question is: how strong and stable is the position of the Democrats, who control both the White House and Congress.

Paul Craig Roberts: On the surface the Democrats’ position appears to be strong, because they have the entire print and TV media as a propaganda ministry.  But the Democrats have annoyed much of the population in a variety of ways. In states and school districts controlled by Democrats, there is a mandate to teach “critical race theory.”  According to this ideology, white Americans are racists and oppressors of black people.  White students are taught self-shame, to be ashamed of their parents, and to hate their “oppressor country.”  This is institutionalized in public school systems in blue or Democrat states.

Some students and parents succumb to the indoctrination, but others are made very angry and oppose it.  Red or Republican states are prohibiting students from being indoctrinated by critical race theory.

Another point of contention is the dismantling of merit and advancement by merit or achievement.  Blacks in general do not compete well against whites and Asians. Democrats and the American leftwing argue that this means that meritocracy is racist and must be set aside in the interest of “equity.”  Consequently, admission standards to universities and prestige science and math orientated public schools are being abolished.  Indeed, math itself is said to be racist and a means of white oppression over blacks. A person might think that such nonsense would not be taken seriously, but it is. The state of California has watered down and de-emphasized math in public high schools.

The same is happening in medical schools.  Skin color, not competence is now a qualification for admission.  White parents who made large efforts to motivate their sons and daughters and spent large sums of money on private STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) high schools find their highly qualified sons and daughters are discriminated against in admissions to prestigious universities because of their skin color.

The same deemphasis on merit is happening across the board.  Promotion exams for police officers have been abolished, because blacks can’t pass them. Corporate promotions are made for racial and gender balance. The military currently prefers blacks, women, and transgendered for promotion. White American soldiers have to take racial sensitivity training as do white employees of corporations and universities.

This is unsatisfactory to the majority of the population. The white majority, except for the woke Democrats, has tired of being demonized.

Another factor operating against the Biden regime is the investigation of 2020 election irregularities in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. As Democrats do everything possible to block the investigations, it has raised in the public’s mind that the Democrats are hiding something.  If there was no electoral fraud, an investigation would establish that fact, so why are the Democrats so opposed?

Another factor is Covid inoculation.  Those who were stampeded by fear have had the shots. Those who think for themselves and listen to independent experts have not.  Although the lockdowns and masks are over and done with in the US, the Biden regime is determined that the entire population be inoculated.  Biden proposed sending agents door-to-door to achieve universal inoculation, a massive invasion of privacy and disregard of the US Constitution.
This has angered many Americans, especially as evidence mounts that many, especially, the young, have suffered serious adverse effects, including death, from the Covid inoculations.  Many have concluded that Biden has elevated the profits of the pharmaceutical companies above public health.

These are just a few examples of how the Biden regime is undermining itself.

GEOFOR: Can the future elections be affected by the fact that, having used the left and ultra-left (BLM, Antifa, etc.) in the fight against the Republican Party and Donald Trump, Biden and the leadership of the Democratic Party denied them the opportunity to work in the Administration? Such a moderate politician as Senator Sanders, who, as was discussed in the media earlier, was promised a ministerial position. Instead, proven cadres from the Clinton team were invited, who, it seems, do not get along very well with each other (J.Sullivan and E. Blinken, for example).

Paul Craig Roberts: The membership of Antifa and BLM is very small and is unimportant in the vote. A majority of blacks opposed the black rioting and looting in the Democrat cities.  Members of Antifa and BLM are incapable of functioning in a government, where there must be compromises and deference to those powerful interests that finance political campaigns.  Democrats are not going to bring that kind of trouble into their operation.
The Clintons transformed the Democrat Party, turning it from a representative of the working class into a profit machine for those who control it.  Sanders is an outsider. He speaks of helping people.

GEOFOR: The Administration’s attempts to rally the nation, to overcome the split along party lines, apparently, have not yet yielded results. Moreover, not only the Republican states are not eager to play by the rules of the liberals, but also, as the intention of part of the state of Oregon to join the Republican Idaho shows, even some Democrats do not really like the policy of their party. To what extent such sentiments will be able to influence the results of the future campaign?

Paul Craig Roberts: The Democrats have made no more attempt to unify the country than they have made to establish normal relations with Russia or China or Iran. The Democrats have targeted Trump supporters.  They have arrested 535 ordinary Americans who attended a rally in support of Trump on January 6.  These Americans are falsely accused of “insurrection” and face many years in prison. In contrast, not a single rioter who looted and burned scores of American cities faces prosecution.  Such an unbalanced approach to justice does not lead to unity.

The Democrats in New York have taken away the license to practice law from Rudy Giuliani, a former mayor of New York and former US Attorney for the southern division of New York for the “crime” of defending President Trump.  This does not lead to unity.

The Democrats have stopped the promotion of white Americans in the US military until “equity” is achieved. This does not lead to unity.

I could go on forever.  Unity is the last thing the Democrats want.  They want conflict, and they intend to win the conflict.

GEOFOR: And now to the Republicans. It seems that, despite all the efforts of the Administration and the Democrat-oriented media, Donald Trump not only did not find himself isolated, including in the informational realm, but also continues to be the leader of the GOP. To some extent, he looks like the force that unites the party. Although the ex-President himself denies the possibility of his participation in the midterm elections, is it possible that he will still go to the congressional elections from the state of Florida, where his popularity remains extremely high, and from these positions to start fighting for the White House again?

Paul Craig Roberts: Trump supporters see Trump as an outsider who is for them and their country instead of an operative for the ruling establishment. They understand that Trump was removed by the establishment because he represented the people and not the establishment. He was removed in a way that conveyed to all future presidents that the only option is to represent the establishment. Trump was not prepared for the task he undertook.  He will be the focal point for Americans who love their country until a more capable leader emerges.

GEOFOR: Currently, when the Republicans retain their positions among the voters and the party elite, when Trump remains their leader, what can we expect from the Democrats in terms of undermining his authority, the possibilities of sponsors to finance the party, etc.

Paul Craig Roberts: The Democrats are not only after Trump.  They are after “racist” White America.  Every misuse of law imaginable will be used in efforts to imprison Trump and declare his supporters “domestic terrorists.”  Currently, the New York District Attorney is piling false charges on Trump’s business manager in an effort to force Trump’s business manager to give false testimony against Trump in exchange for dropped charges.  This is the way “justice” works in America.

GEOFOR: The draft of the first budget of the Biden Administration has been submitted to Congress. How would you evaluate this document as a whole?

Paul Craig Roberts: Budgets are meaningless.

GEOFOR: Some American experts point out two points in the draft budget: the $ 2.3 trillion plan to create new jobs primarily through the development and modernization of the US infrastructure and the $ 1.8 trillion American Families Plan, aimed at expanding the structure of social protection. Moreover, the first plan is clearly copied from the plan of Donald Trump, which at one time was ridiculed and ruined by the Democrats, although it envisaged significantly lower costs.

Paul Craig Roberts: These “plans” work against each other. Already the US has had a spike in inflation because of supply shortages. Reopening businesses can’t find people who will work. If the Democrats hand over $1.8 trillion dollars to people, they are not going to work.  Thus, there will be no work force to build $2.3 trillion in new infrastructure.  If the adverse effects of the Covid inoculations continue to grow, the work force will further diminish.

GEOFOR: It is also noteworthy that, on the one hand, it is planned to reduce the budget deficit from 16.7 % of GDP to 7.8 % and then to 4 %-6 %. On the other hand, the GDP growth is planned at the level of 2.0% til 2031. It looks like the increase in social programs and the reduction of the budget deficit will be financed by increasing taxes. How can this affect the US economy?

Paul Craig Roberts: Who is going to pay the taxes?  Bezos, Bill Gates, and that crowd of mega-billionaires are more powerful than US Senators.  The Democrats—Pelosi, Biden, the Clintons—are rich themselves. They are not going to tax themselves. The middle class is diminished.  The poor will be living on the Democrats’ handouts for the “Families Plan.”  There is no one to pay the taxes.  The government will be financed by printing money as it has been for years. Generally speaking, empires end in hyperinflation, and that will be America’s fate as well.



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