The Russian “Coup” that wasn’t

The Russian “Coup” that wasn’t

There was no more a coup attempt in Russia today than there was a January 6 insurrection.

PCR and Larry Sprano discuss the day’s events.

Jun 24, 2023

It was all over in a few hours, but not before major media jumped on the story, calling the “coup”  the beginning of the end for Vladimir Putin.

But Yevgeny Prigozhin, who leads Russia’s Wagner mercenary fighters in Ukraine, hasn’t seized Vladimir Putin’s office in the Kremlin.  Instead, it’s now being reported that Prigozhin has, in effect, been exiled to Belarus, and his troops will sign contracts with Russian military leaders.  And, oh yeah, his “march on Moscow” was quickly halted by Prigozhin.

As Paul Craig Roberts points out in his latest interview with On Target’s Larry Sparano, the entire episode is just the latest example of why you should take anything you first hear in the media with a large grain of salt: 

Kremlin reveals details of Wagner deal

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