Unwelcomed Truths

Unwelcomed Truths

Critical Race Theory is a weapon to delegitimize white persons and Western civilization. White persons are now being delegitimized in their own countries.

“The very fact that professors get fat salaries to teach whites shame in their history, that journalists hound white advocates while protecting the powerful, that major corporations subsidize anti-white political movements like Black Lives Matter while denying white advocates basic financial services, and that the government see whites as something close to an enemy show us the obvious truth. It’s so obvious that we often overlook it, like fish swimming in water.

“Those who control the most powerful governmental, military, and financial institutions in the world are opposed to white people. The fact that well paid functionaries justify this oppression by claiming victimhood does not change anything. We are a stateless people, without power, representation, or political consciousness. Until that changes, things will only get worse.”


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