The Feminization of Western Man

The Feminization of Western Man

Decadence always begins with the few and always destroys the many.

Paul Craig Roberts

The demise of Western man seems now complete. Fashion designers provide skirts for androgynous men complete with shaved legs. 

Yes, I know Scotsmen wear kilts, and not because they have transgender complexes or have lost their manliness.  Originally the Scottish kilt was a full length garmet, a cloak.  It seems to have originated as battle clothing for the free movement it made possible, and the pleat offered some protection like armor.   See: 

The short kilt originated in the 18th century as a protest against King George II’s effort to stamp out Highland culture by dress codes outlawing the Scottish kilt.

Western men have already been feminized, and their clothes are now catching up with them. Western men have been chased out of their manliness.  They don’t dare raise their voice to a woman or a person of color, and they accept the insults of “systemic racist misogynist” without complaint and dutifully attend “sensitivity training” classes as a condition for employment and military service.  The Pentagon doesn’t seem to understand that a sensitive US Marine is a contradiction in terms.  

With the suppression of Western manliness now institutionalized, how are Western politicians able to back up their constant threats against Russia, China, and Iran?  

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