Prince Harry: the Epitomy of the Deracinated White Male

Prince Harry: the Epitome of the Deracinated White Male

Paul Craig Roberts

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have a large media following as victims of royal family racism.  Meghan who reportedly has African-American DNA looks anything but African-American and has a far lighter skin color than the suntanned American blue-eyed blonds I see on the beach in North Florida. They made Meghan a duchess, and it is racism.

Tell me, is this someone who is African-American? Is the Duchess of Sussex a victim of racism, or simply a victim of her bad judgment.

The media is overjoyed with the racism angle expressed by Meghan on Oprah.  CNN even has a news department on “UK Royals,” and does what it can to drive the Windsors into the ground along with all other white people, just as the New York Times does with its 1619 Project.

Even RT had to jump on the “racist” royal family with a shameful article by David Matthews, who hates social hierarchy but only if it is aristrocratic.  Nirpal Dhaliwal, a British writer whose ancestry is the former British colony of India, says that Meghan proves that “black celebrity now eclipses British royalty. The Meghan-Oprah pact reflects how, in the New World Order, black Americans are now a more powerful bloc than the British aristocracy.”

Somehow Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, have managed to represent Great Britain in a dignified manner since their marriage in 1947.  But some of their children and grandchildren have lacked the discipline. To watch the  British royal family fall apart is like watching the Western world fall apart. Of course, to use an old-fashioned term, Meghan lacks a royal family upbringing. She is a chorus girl from LA, in her case a minor movie actress, who married well. But Prince Harry had a royal upbringing.  So what is his excuse?

Harry’s excuse is that he grew up in a culture that demonizes white people as colonialist/imperialists/racists. He grew up in a culture in which British prime ministers and their governments gave preferential treatment to immigrant-invaders over the British ethnic citizens. He grew up in a culture in which Oxford and Cambridge universities abhor “whiteness” as racist and take down statues of their benefactors.

The British Royal Family is a symbol, like a flag, not a power center. The Queen has no ability to regulate or control the culture, largely imported from America.  Western culture has been subverted and turned against itself.  Prince Harry simply reflects that fact.

The reason that the West has no future is that only the older generations were enculturated to appreciate the long struggle to achieve civil liberty and accountable government.  For many in the younger generations, this is nothing but the use of words to cover up white racism.  

By accusing the British Royals of racism, by implication Meghan is accusing the British of racism.  This makes her a media heroine. Identity Politics will use Meghan to discredit the royal family and Britain  along with white people in general. 

How can Meghan justify her “whiteness” title of Duchess of Sussex? Shouldn’t she renounce it, or is she hoping for more ammunition against the royal family by being deprived of her glorious title because of her indiscretion?


Black commentator Candice Owens says of Meghan Markle:

“You look at her and you would not be able to discern, just by looking at Meghan Markle, that she’s black.”




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