A Shameful US Congress

A Shameful US Congress

 Congress cannot even pony up a few bucks for Americans dispossessed of jobs, businesses, and income by lockdowns without throwing in $500,000,000 for Israel–https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/12/22/covid-relief-bill-americans-get-600-israel-gets-500000000/

Much less can Congress stand up to Israeli aggrandizement at the expense of the brutalized and dispossessed Palestinians. Watch the video (URL below) of how brave Israeli soldiers shoot down little children and laugh about it, how the brave Israelis use American equipment bought with American money to destroy Palestinian homes, destroy their olive groves, and confiscate their land.  Eight minutes of video is all you need to see the true character of the Israeli government.  The cowardly US Congress bows down to Israel’s instructions and establishes a US Department of State office to brand everyone who points out Israel’s crimes an “anti-semite.”  

In other words, Israel has so much power over the US government that it is impermissible to point out Israel’s crimes.  We are required to pretend that what you see in the video never happens. https://israelpalestinenews.org/congress-votes-to-elevate-anti-semitism-envoy-to-ambassadorship/?utm_source=If+Americans+Knew+Subscribers&utm_campaign=a2bd33acf6-IAK_Daily_Updates&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_492062bf3f-a2bd33acf6-329676313 

Zionists have succeeded in establishing the point in the weak minds of gentiles that Israel is always the victim, never the guilty party, and that the only reason to criticize Israel is to express hatred of Jews.  It is still possible to criticize Russians, Chinese, and Iranians without the criticism being branded hate speech, but any criticism of Israel is simply anti-semitism. If Washington were to put sanctions on Israel, it would be called genocide.

Democrats have taken a page from the Zionist book.  The Democrat Michigan attorney general is bringing cases against lawyers who represented citizens who gave evidence of election fraud.  Just as it is impermissible to mention Israeli crimes, it is impermissible in Michigan to mention the stolen election. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/12/26/michigan-ag-dana-nessel-pursues-legal-sanctions-lawyers-questioning-election/ 

The US Congress is so mindless that it gives Israel, a country with a high per capita income, $3.8 billion a year plus loan guarantees.  Money is fungible.  This is sufficient money for Israel to purchase every member of the House and Senate with campaign contributions.  How stupid does Congress have to be to give Israel the money with which to turn Congress into   Israeli-compliant slaves?

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