FBI Harasses Election Fraud Whistleblower and Family

FBI Harasses Election Fraud Whistleblower and Family

If you rely on presstitutes, you probably do not know that a USPS employee testified that he was assigned to drive a truckload of presidential election ballots from New York to Pennsylvania to be counted as part of the Pennsylvania vote.  

The FBI interviewed him, but instead of being interested in a clear case of electoral fraud, the FBI wanted to know how much the Republicans had paid him to tell his story and began harassing his family.  Lou Dobbs interviewed him on Fox Business News.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab1f6vsK0lY&t=28m35s 

The Russiagate hoax orchestrated by the FBI proved that the FBI is a corrupt organization whose function is to protect the corrupt American establishment.  Trump’s “Justice” Department (Barr and Durham) have protected the FBI from the felony violations the FBI committed in orchestrating the attempted frameup of President Trump. 

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