What Readers Are Thinking

What Readers Are Thinking

Here in Massachusetts the government is literally destroying the economy in the name of fighting Covid. There is almost nothing about this destruction in the media which is full of horror stories about how Covid is ravaging us. 

The Boston Herald (to its credit, be it said) did report on the destruction caused by the “anti-covid” campaign. Here are some stats: 37 percent of all small businesses which were open in January are now closed. Total revenue for all small businesses is down by 47 percent. Many owners of small businesses which have managed to stay open (apparently operating at a loss while hoping somehow to eventually recover) say that they are seeing their life’s savings vanishing in front of them. So they will be closing next if the present course continues.

Tax revenue to the State of Massachusetts must be taking a major hit so I assume services will be impacted fairly soon.

The whole thing is obviously a vile, disgusting farce. There is no way that the damage to life and health of this economic destruction is not massively greater than any damage the virus might cause if the virus were treated just as we have treated every other virus during every other flu season. (This fact is established in numerous articles, some of which I found linked to on your website, which compare the virulence of Covid to that of other flu epidemics.)

Meanwhile the government continues to slap on controls. If you want to travel out of state you are supposed to fill out travel documents and submit them to the authorities, and take a Covid test upon your return, or self quarantine for 14 days. The penalty for non-compliance is a fine of $500 per day for each day you are not in compliance. There is also a fine of $300 for each violation of the order to wear a mask when out of your house “in public”.

I have not seen any signs that the government has police out vigorously enforcing these regulations. But it does not have to. People seem to be complying voluntarily, I assume out of fear that they will be caught in an infraction and subjected to a fine that they will simply not be able to afford.

Comment #2

I do not understand the weakness of the Republicans. The Republican legislators in the contested states have uncovered massive evidence of illegal ballots cast, statistically impossible vote spikes, violation of law regarding observation of the vote counting process, etc., etc. As I understand it, the legislature has every right to declare the election fraudulent based on this data, and send a set of electors of their own choosing to the electoral college. One prominent Republican has complained that taking this option would “trigger a constitutional crisis”. The constitutional crisis is already here. The transparently fraudulent election is the crisis. Failure to address it head on will only deepen the crisis. So far the legislators have done a good job of gathering data, but in the end action based on that data is needed. I am astonished that I do not see more fury in the ranks of Republican elected officials, and more resolve to take action. (Incidentally, the democrats seem to have no reluctance to “trigger a constitutional crisis” if they think they can gain from it. Where is the Republican backbone?)

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