This Is Not a Time for Insouciance–Democrats Intend a Coup

This Is Not a Time for Insouciance—Democrats Intend a Coup

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Friends,

If you have not read my recent postings: 

you are not meeting your responsibility to your life and property and that of your family and friends.

Unless President Trump wins reelection overwhelmingly so that it cannot be challenged, the Democrats and the presstitutes will not acknowledge his win.  

The newspapers, TV, NPR, Twitter, and Internet websites will be full of accusations that Trump stole the election and that Putin hacked the voting machines.  The media will refuse to declare a winner, and Biden will not concede.  The outcome will be kept open to count the mail-in votes (polls show that most Democrats intend to vote by mail). 

This provides days, perhaps weeks during which the Democrats can file challenges and the presstitutes can propagate their lies.  Media will speak with one voice and control the explanations. Trump will be denied all media forums including Twitter.  

Cities and states misgoverned by Democrats will permit and even encourage rioting and pillage in the name of “peaceful protests” against the Nazi in the White House who claims he won an election that he lost, or, perhaps more likely, was stolen from him by vote-by-mail fraud.

Democratic mayors, city councils, governors, and district attorneys will hinder and demoralize the police.  Democrats will arrest Trump supporters who defend themselves and their property and give a pass to the arsonists and looters.  Law and order will be neutered so that resistance to the coup will be prevented by fear and despair from the lack of police protection and the confusion sowed by the media’s lies and charges.  

We have seen it all before.  In Ukraine with the Maidan “protests,”  in Belarus, In Venezuela, in Hong Kong.  Lies repeated endlessly become truth. We are now going to experience the methods of the American Deep State here at home.

Trump is in an extremely vulnerable position.  His supporters are in middle America, not in Washington.  They are unorganized and dispossessed by the global corporations that moved their jobs to China. President Obama removed 200 ranking military leaders and replaced them with opportunists who bend with the wind.  Trump made the mistake of sacrificing General Flynn who knows where the bodies are buried and could have rallied parts of the military to Trump. The money and power conscious generals that Obama empowered want Trump out as he is opposed to their wars and wants to take away the “Russian enemy” that justifies their power and budgets.  The Secret Service is limited in size, and after its participation in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy its reliability is unknown.  

The widespread rioting and looting permitted and encouraged by Democrat city and state governments resulted in a massive increase in the number of American gun owners.  But these are individual people without organization.  If they protect themselves as individuals without the protection of organized numbers, they are sitting ducks for media demonization and Democrat prosecutors.  

Only large organizations of armed men with the power to assert their jurisdiction can offer protection.  These organizations only exist with the forces that intend to overthorw President Trump. All attempts to create such organizations for defense against violence will be infiltrated by the FBI, and the leaders will be arrested.  Unless the members of such groups have the confidence to kill the FBI infiltrators, resistance to the overthrow of the United States and “white power” would be difficult to organize.  As Americans have been taught to rat on one another, FBI infiltrators might not even be needed.

I am not supplying a roadmap for resistance.  I am describing a scenario that you could face.  Most Americans, being insouciant, will say, “It can’t happen here.”  The Deep State and the subservient left disagree.  It is happening now and has been happening in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, St. Louis—name the city.  Blue areas are full of looted and burned businesses.  Residential neighborhoods are next on the menu.

A column like this will produce thousands of emails: “what can we do?”  It is late in the game.  What should have been done should have been done long ago.  Americans pay large tax bills in support of public schools that teach their children that white people are systemic racists.  American history is presented as one of oppresson of “people of color.”  Ignoring this inculcation of guilt and destruction of white confidence, parents then mortgage their home in order to pay tuition for their kids to go to universities where they learn that the white race is inherently evil.  Parents are more interested in the success of their kid’s school’s football team than in the destructive ideas instilled in their children.  It is all a feel good experience.  It has to be, because it costs so much.

If you look at the photos and videos of Antifa and Black Lives Matter in action, it is largely white people. These brainwashed white people create the environment for looting, and the videos do show that the looters are black Americans.  They have been told by white people that they are justified in looting because they have been oppressed and denied the good things in life.

In some reports that I have seen, looting in NYC has been replaced by acquiescence of high-end stores to open shoplifting.  Blacks simply walk in, pick up whatever they want, and walk out with it. The stores prefer this loss to being burnt down.

In other words, what we are experiencing is acquiescence not resistance.  The Deep State, the left, and those blacks inclined to looting see the lack of confidence and the lack of resistance, and they will exploit the weak situation that Americans have put themselves in.

The United States has been slowly collapsing for a long time.  The final collapse could be sudden.


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