Mike Whitney Explains BLM

Mike Whitney Explains BLM

BLM is actually a smokescreen for a corporate-funded domestic insurgency that has conducted operations in over 2,000 American cities, is supported by “174 major corporations”, receives contributions that amount to “more than $1.5 billion”, and boasts the most extensive and effective social media network of any activist organization in history. Check out this clip from an article at the World Socialist Web Site:

    “The Ford Foundation, one of the most powerful private foundations in the world, with close ties to Wall Street and the US government, recently announced that it is overseeing the funneling of $100 million over six years to several organizations that play leading roles in the Black Lives Matter movement.…

    ” The contribution of such an immense sum of money … will bring the movement greater influence through campaign contributions and integrate it even more closely with the Democratic Party and the corporate media.…

    The Ford Foundation has for years maintained close ties to US military and intelligence agencies. A British historian of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Frances Stonor Saunders, described the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations … as “conscious instruments of covert US policy…”

    A leaked document from an October 2015 board meeting of the Soros-funded US Programs/Open Society revealed that the organization provided $650,000 “to invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.”…

    The agenda of these organizations, as underscored by the support of groups like the Ford Foundation, has nothing to do with the real social and economic grievances of millions of workers and young people of any race or ethnicity. They speak for highly privileged sections of the middle class who are fighting over the distribution of wealth within the top 10 percent of the population.” (“Billionaires back Black Lives Matter”, World Socialist Web Site) 


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