America Is Torn Apart

America Is Torn Apart

Paul Craig Roberts

Jeffrey Golddberg at the Atlantic magazine has concocted a story that President Trump in 2018 dismissed American war dead in a cemetery in France as “losers and suckers.”  The sources for the unsubstantiated charge are, of course, anonymous.

It wasn’t that long ago that it was impermissible to make such a charge without evidence.  Why should anyone believe Jeffrey Goldberg or anything published in the Atlantic?  It is not a publication known for its integrity, and the magazine does not inspire confidence.  

Note that the Democrats do not debate any issue.  Instead, they and the presstitutes make charges against Trump.  No sooner than Trump rejects one ridiculous charge than another is delivered by the media, which sings with one voice.  

The Democrats are relying on libel and slander to win an election.  Are these the kind of people we want to govern us?

Do we want to be governed by deracinated white people who think it is racist to maintain law and order, whose response to rioting and looting is to defund the police, who believe that white racism is the reason blacks don’t run the country?

The Democrats’ lies become ever more desperate and thus ever more transparent.  Americans have caught on that as awful a candidate as Biden is, the real candidate is the anti-white, anti-American Kamala Harris, who had no support among the Democrats themselves and was the first to drop out of contention for the Democrat presential nomination.  Yet Kamala ends up as the Democrats’ Presidential Candidate.

Kamala believes in systemic racism, that is, if you are born with white skin you are racist at birth. The solution is reeducation camps in which you renounce your whiteness and accept second class citizenship and economic dispossession as restitution for your past racism.  

Even many blacks are opposed to Kamala.  Indeed, Kamala has more support among deracinated self-hating white people than she has among black Americans.

Ever since Trump was elected, Democrats have been splitting the country into hostile camps.  It is the Democrats, not Trump as Democrats allege, who have divided us.  

It is the Democrats’ ideology of Identity Politics that has divided us.  The Democrats use it at both the race and gender level. White people are evil because they oppress blacks.  White males are evil because they oppress women.  

Identity Politics tears a country apart.  And that is what Democrats have achieved. 

America is torn apart.


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