The Concept of Woman Is Endangered

The Concept of Woman Is Endangered

The fuss over whether a human with male genitals is a women if he/she says she/he is demonstrates the collapse of Western culture.  The concocted “rights” of these trans creatures receive far more attention than the violated rights of, for example, Julian Assange. If Assange claimed he was a trans woman and incarceration is proof of transphobic gender bias of the British government against her/him, the British authorities would probably turn him/her loose.

In case you don’t know, by using “him” and “her” I have violated trans rules against using gender pronouns.  

For the older segment of my readers, this well-written article in defense of Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling— — will show you how irrational the woke crowd is.  They are incapable of thought or reason. They can only denounce.  They become infuriated over things that normal people see nothing to get upset about. They are willing to kill you because you used a word that you have used all your life without anyone ever seeing any offense in it.  

These woke creatures are the product of the American educational system. They are incapable of operating in science, technology, engineering, and math. Their existence is proof that the United States is in an advanced stage of collapse.

Erasing the Concept of Woman 

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