What Is a Fatal Dose of Fentanyl?

UPDATE: as of January 2023 the the toxicology report cited has a new URL:


From the newly-released transcripts that are part of a legal filing by Lane’s attorney, Earl Gray, who has requested that the Hennepin County District Court dismiss the case against his client:

The transcripts reveal that as the officers forced Floyd into the vehicle, the 46-year-old black man said: “I can’t breathe” and “I want to lay on the ground.”


What Is a Fatal Dose of Fentanyl?

Paul Craig Roberts

Here is a toxicology report on deaths from fentanyl overdose: https://ndews.umd.edu/sites/ndews.umd.edu/files/ndews-hotspot-unintentional-fentanyl-overdoses-in-new-hampshire-final-09-11-17.pdf 

The report says:

“Despite the ubiquitous presence of multiple drugs in these decedents, the effects of fentanyl were evidently so strong that there were no statistical differences in the fentanyl level (mean and standard deviation) with or without the presence of these co-intoxicants. The range of fentanyl levels was wide, from 0.75 to 113 ng/mL, with an average of 9.96 ng/mL; nevertheless, the distributions of fentanyl levels were statistically the same, whether fentanyl was the only drug in the toxicology or one of several synergistic co-intoxicants. This suggests that fentanyl presence alone seems to be sufficient to cause death, which are findings similar to those found in Sorg et al., 2016.”

Let’s see if we can understand what we are being told.  Fentanyl is itself so toxic that it is sufficient to kill without help from other dangerous drugs in the cocktail.  People who died from fentanyl overdose had readings from 0.75 ng/mL to an astounding 113 ng/mL.  The average death dose was 9.96 ng/mL.

According to George Floyd’s toxicology report, his blood contained 11.0 ng/mL Fentanyl, plus 5.6 ng/mL norfentanyl, 19 ng/mL of methamphetamine, and three other drugs. 

It is clear from the police recordings that Floyd complained of breathing difficulty prior to any police restraint.  In other words, he was in the process of dying prior to the arrival of the police. When the police recognized his condition they called for medics. Floyd was restrained on his stomach according to protocol.  One effect of fentanyl is nausea.  Having a person on their stomach keeps them from choking on their own vomit. This is why police protocol requires them to be restrained on their stomach. 

None of the people watching the video had any awareness of any of the facts.  And the media made sure they still have no awareness of the facts.

A number of websites that have traditionally republished my columns are also making sure that their readers never find out that Floyd died of an overdose of fentanyl.  

I have sent three articles to the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the facts of the case and have had no acknowledgement.  

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is no doubt afraid of (1) having all advertising pulled by businesses afraid that they will be burned out, (2) afraid of being burned down itself, and (3) afraid of being called racist by its employees which always has more force than when it comes from outside, and (4) the editors are afraid of being fired for being racist.  So don’t expect any investigation or honest reporting from the hometown newspaper in Minneapolis.

Some of the websites that have traditionally republished my columns are so into damning America for its colonial wars that George Floyd’s death is just grist for their mill.  It is more proof of American iniquity. 

For others, such as myself, who are opposed to gratuitous police aggression and want to stop the Israeli training of our police, “Chauvin’s murder of Floyd despite Floyd’s pleas” is a winning issue.

And then there are the many readers for whom it is of the utmost emotional importance that Floyd was murdered by white police for racist reasons.  These readers are immune to all facts. One told me that fentanyl is not toxic.  Another told me that it is not possible to overdose on fentanyl. Yet another told me that the medical examiner is white and his report is a racist report. Another asked me when did I become a racist. 

In other words, they only want to hear what they have been brainwashed to believe. Facts have no importance to them.  Indeed, there are no facts, only emotional responses, and they are indoctrinated with the emotional response that is valid.  As long as the response is anti-white, it is valid.

When I quote from official reports on the small amount of fentanyl that can cause death, the closed minds tell me I made a math error.  It is not my math and it is not an error. The purpose of the assertion is to protect a brainwashed existence.  It has to be true.  Impossible to accept they have been deceived.  Thus, reports of expert toxicologists become  math errors  and  can be dismissed.

Most of these readers are white as far as I can tell. My black readers have a better sense of reality.  What we are dealing with is not only the brainwashing of white students as to the evil origin of their country and their inherited guilt, but also their inability to think rationally and to make an objective conclusion from evidence. This was once the purpose of education, but no more. Today students are taught that their emotions are what is true, and their emotions are manipulated by the lies that they are taught.

This perversity of education spells the end of the United States. The kind of people American education is producing are not capable of scientific thinking. The kind of education Americans receive today cannot produce scientists or engineers. We have the emotive generation, people trained to be guided by emotion.

The inability of American education to produce people capable of thought is already our reality.  We see it in the huge number of work visas in which foreigners, largely from Asia, are brought into the US to do the jobs American educated youth cannot do. 

Yes, I know, there is an economic advantage to US firms to hire foreign labor and to send the jobs abroad—lower wages.  I have emphasized the offshoring of American jobs as much or more than anyone.  But it is still the case that the white liberal elites have reduced American education to the creation of people who emote instead of think.  Indeed, it is unclear whether the younger generation is capable of thought.

I see scant signs of it.

The neoconservative warmongers need to take this into account before they lead us into a military conflict with China and Russia.

It is not a conflict that the United States can survive.

We most certainly cannot stand the risk of such a conflict in addition to the internal conflict of racial hatred being taught in a multi-racial society.

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