Have the Covid Deniers Doomed Us?

Have the Covid Deniers Doomed Us?

 Bloomberg Evening Briefing

A second wave of Covid-19? Some U.S. states weren’t buying it, instead moving quickly to end stay-at-home orders. Even those who believed the science behind the warnings said it was more important to get the economy going than protect every American life. Now, it seems the chickens might be coming home to roost: A month into its reopening, Florida reported 8,553 new coronavirus cases this weekthe most of any seven-day period. Texas reported hospitalizations jumped 6.3% to 2,056, the highest since the pandemic emerged, and the third consecutive daily increase. It will take a couple of weeks to know for sure whether this is the second wave. But by then, one expert said, “it’s going to be pretty late.” More than 111,000 Americans have already perished. David E. Rovella

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