It Was A Frameup–The FBI Admits There Was No Legitimate Case Against General Flynn

It Was A Frameup–The FBI Admits There Was No Legitimate Case Against General Flynn

Tucker Carlson Explains The unraveling of the Michael Flynn case

Paul Craig Roberts

FBI documents forced out of the FBI’s hands reveal that the case against General Flynn was illegitimate and had in the FBI’s own words no evidence in its behalf.  So FBI officials undertook to frame General Flynn.  It is all completely clear in the released documents, and thus the Justice Department had to dismiss the case.

The presstitutes make much of Flynn having admitted that he lied to the FBI.  They don’t tell us that the FBI threatened to indict Flynn’s son unless he cooperated in helping the FBI build a case against himself ( ). The lie was coerced. It was the price of not framing up General Flynn’s son.  The same thing was done to “junk bond king” Michael Milken.  They threatened to indict his brother unless he self-incriminated.

Tucker Carlson exposes the lying media for falsely reporting that the case against Flynn was dropped because of political influence when the evidence is clear that the case was dropped because it was a concocted fabrication.

The question is: Why have the corrupt FBI officials who intentionally tried to frame an innocent person not been arrested, indicted and put on trial?  The FBI has a long record of corruption and fabricated cases.  No sensible person, and certainly no honest judge or jury would trust a FBI indictment.  Years ago there was a big scandal exposed.  The FBI was manufacturing fake evidence in order to help corrupt prosecutors convict their targeted victims.

Peter Strzok is the disgraced FBI official who led the effort to frame President Trump’s National Security Advisor.  This makes Strzok and his mistress, FBI agent Lisa Page, guilty of felonies, including obstruction of justice.  Why aren’t they arrested?  Who is protecting these criminals?

How can the FBI be allowed to get away with this?



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