Historians Make Progress in Replacing the Fake History of WW II with Real History

Historians Make Progress in Replacing the Fake History of WW II with Real History

Why Germany Invaded Poland


Germany was demonized in order to cover up the extraordinary war crimes of the British under Churchill, Halifax and those of the Americans and the contribution of the Versailles Treaty to WW II. This also required fake history to protect the reckless and criminal military dictatorship of Poland that conducted a long-term Kristallnacht against the Germans that the Versailles Treaty had given to Poland. Poland started the war enabled by the insane “guarantee” given by Chamberlain, the purpose of which was to give Britain an excuse to keep Germany down with another war.

UPDATE: A reader pointed out that Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposal of a defense agreement with Israel against Iran is the same as the British guarantee to Poland and has the same likelihood to result in war.

Hallifax, Churchill and the British who favored war were too stupid to realize that America’s liberal hero, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, also wanted Britain at war with Germany in order to finish off the British Empire and leave the US as the undisputed world power whose dollar would become the world reserve currency.

As you continue to read and listen to the hysterical anti-white propaganda conducted by the Democratic Party, the US media, the universities, and the liberal/progressive/left, keep in mind this passage from Germany’s War (https://www.amazon.com/dp/0982344899/?tag=unco037-20):

“The Polish atrocities . . . were organized mass murders caused by a psychosis of political animosity. The hate-inspired urge to destroy everything German was driven by the Polish press, radio, school and government propaganda. Britain’s blank check of support had encouraged Poland to conduct inhuman atrocities against its German minority.”

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