The US Government Has Degenerated Into Tyranny

US Re-Imprisons Manning To Coerce Her To Bear False Witness Against Julian Assange

The US Government Has Degenerated Into Tyranny

“Really this isn’t about Chelsea Manning at all,” journalist Ben Swann told RT today. “It’s really about for the government to try and to create a concept, a narrative, in which they demonstrate that Assange and WikiLeaks assisted Manning in retrieving and obtaining classified documents, which WikiLeaks then published. And the reason that’s significant is because, under the Espionage Act, they want to charge Assange with having committed espionage against the United States.”

The US government has spent 9 years fabricating a false case against Julian Assange for the sole reason of revenge.  Such a government is to be despised and deplored.  The total absence of any moral character in the US government shames every American. 

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