If Walls Don’t Work, Why Did Castles Have Them?

If Walls Don’t Work, Why Did Castles Have Them?

Paul Craig Roberts

Indeed, why the Great Wall of China, why Hadrian’s Wall, why the Constantinople wall, why were there walled cities, why the Israeli Wall that keeps Palestinians out of Palestine?

Walls do work, according to President Obama’s former Border Patrol Chief, Mark Morgan: https://patrioticviralnews.com/articles/former-border-patrol-chief-for-president-obama-says-walls-work/

During the Obama regime, US Senator Schumer and US Rep. Pelosi agreed with President Obama that Walls do work and supported building a wall. Why do they oppose a wall now? The answer, obvious on the surface, is that with the presstitutes lined up against The Wall, Democrats can use the issue against Trump. However, this answer is not as good as it looks. Polls show that Trump has a far higher approval rating than the presstitute media and that Americans want the wall. So the question becomes: why have the Democrats lined up against the American people by opposing a wall? Why do Democrats oppose Americans having their own country as a place where American citizens live? Why do Democrats want America to be up for grabs by everyone who can illegally cross the border?

The answer, I think, is not just the immigrant vote, but also that in the last decade Democrats have become firmly allied with the ideology of Identity Politics, which teaches that “whiteness” needs to be dismantled, that is, done away with. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/01/14/identity-politics-white-genocide/ To have a massive inflow of nonwhites is a way to “decenter whiteness.” I would wager that if the illigal immigrants were white Europeans, the Democrats would be all for building The Wall.

Readers sometimes complain about my characterization of Americans as insouciant, but what is more stupid than a white American that supports a political party that wants to do away with “whiteness”?

Unfortunately for Americans, it is not only Democrats who represent non-citizens at the expense of citizens. The Republicans do it, too, as does President Trump. For example, two days ago (January 14, 2019) President Trump signed a bill, Combating European Anti-Semitism Act, passed by the House and Senate that commits the United States government to monitoring anti-semitic incidents in Europe and to partner with European governments, the EU, and NGOs to combat anti-semitism and ensure the safety and security of European Jews. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/672/text?format=txt

Think about this for a moment. Why is anti-semitism in Europe a US government affair? Why is it the sense of Congress that it is in the national interest of the United States to combat anti-Semitism abroad? What does the bill define as anti-semitism? Anti-semitism is criticism or ridicule or hurtful allegations about Jews and Israel and questions about the holocaust. Why not also bills prohibiting criticism, ridicule, and hurtful allegations about Russia, China, Venezuela, Syria, Palestinians, Turkey, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Greece, and everyone else? Why only Jews?

The bill Trump signed finds that Jews in Europe are victims of terrorist attacks, but so are all of the people in Europe, except perhaps for Hungary, the government of which refused to let the illegal immigrants in. Everywhere in Europe, Europeans are being murdered, robbed, and raped by immigrants whose entry into Europe is blamed by many Europeans on a Jew, George Soros. Why are the US Congress and President concerned only with attacks on Jews? Where is the concern of the Congress and President Trump for South African whites who are being murdered and dispossessed by their black government or with the Palestinians who are suffering the same from Israel. Why did President Trump cut off financial aid to the severely pressed Palestinians who are literally being murdered in their beds by Israelis?

And it gets worse. Six days ago the US House of Representatives passed by a vote of 411 to 1 a bill that requires President Trump to appoint with the rank of Ambassador an envoy to monitor and combat criticisms of Israel. This position in the US government was demanded by an Israeli minister, Natan Sharansky. The Israel Lobby wrote the legislation and there you have it. Washington again handed over American sovereignty to Israel. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/50925.htm

Not a single presstitute has ever asked why it is only off limits to criticize Jews and Israel. How can it be that alone among the peoples of the world Israelis are so fragile that they are utterly destroyed by criticism? How can it be that the story of the holocaust is so shaky that it must not be examined? Do the Jewish people, especially the Israeli component, really want to be perceived as so weak that criticism destroys them? Do Jews want to be known as a people who cannot survive criticism? Why do the Jewish lobbies advertise and promote Jewish vulnerability to words? How can a people capable of standing up to bullets be slayed by words?

One would think that criticism of Russia and China, especially with hostile and untruthful criticism, would be of much greater concern. Russia and China are individually capable of wiping North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, any part of the world they want, off the face of the earth in a few minutes.

An intelligent American government, perhaps that is an oxymoron, would have an envoy to monitor the hostile criticisms of Russia and China that could easily lead to nuclear Armageddon. But the fate of the world is not a concern to the US government that is comparable to the enormous concern that no Israeli be held accountable or experience hurt feelings.

Indeed, the reckless and irresponsible attacks on Russia have now breached academic integrity. Georgetown University, a private Catholic university in word if not in deed, whose graduates often end up in Washington positions, has hired a lobbyist identified with the Podesta Group, lobbyists associated with Hillary Clinton. The lobbyist, now professor, was also a registered foreign agent for the government of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, a country that Washington misused to test Russian resolve to Georgia’s detriment, was hired to teach Georgetown University students lies about Russia in order to create a replacement generation of “Russian threat” propagandists. https://medium.com/@DustinGiebel/molly-mckew-information-warfare-expert-96ce6829df1b

Here is the course description. If you believe this crude propaganda has any place in an university cirriulum, you are crazy. https://www.coursicle.com/georgetown/courses/IPOL/401/

Members of the Georgetown faculty are perplexed by the appointment. What has happened to the university’s integrity? I think the answer is money.

In the United States today, nothing is important but money. Some component of those who benefit financially from promoting conflict with Russia has come up with the money, or the threat to existing money, to cause the university to sell its integrity, or whatever is left of the university’s integrity.

Meanwhile, Identity Politics’ attack on white people continues to undermine the confidence of the Western countries even as Western politicians press harder against the Russians and Chinese. In Germany, a people completely destroyed by Washington, perhaps forever, Identity Politics rules supreme. A 60-page manual written for German kindergarden teachers and administrators teaches how to identify children from “far-right” possibly Nazi families. If the little girls wear dresses and have braided hair, their parents are “far-right.” https://www.rt.com/news/445730-german-kindergarten-brochure-right/

This shows what Identity Politics has brought us to. All of my life little girls wore dresses and had braided hair. There was no such suggestion that their parents were Nazis. Obviously, little German girls are supposed, in keeping with Identity Politics, to dress like the illegal immigrants that have been permitted to overrun their country.

Identity Politics regards every semblance of Western Civilization as something that must be overthrown. Russia herself will not be immune from this ideology.

Gillette (owned by Procter & Gamble) makes its money by selling products to men, but the Identity Politics attack on men is now so much part of the culture that dependency on male expenditures did not stop Gillette from sponsoring a video advertisement that stereotypes men as bullies and rapists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koPmuEyP3a0

Gillette has apparently also been a leader in breaking the “glass ceiling” and putting women in control. According to one Gillette employee, women are using their power to exclulde men, which is what feminists accuse men of doing to women. You can find this comment on the above video (if it hasn’t been taken down): “I work for P&G the company which owns Gillette. I have to tell you that this stuff goes all the way to the top. A VP said in a 100 person meeting that she will never promote a white man again. There was a diversity training I was forced to go to that put up 2 pictures, one of a white male team, and one of non-whites and we were asked “I know its an obvious answer, but look at these 2 teams, which would you rather work with?” Then they hired a black intern right out of college, he was decent but not great, and had his summer boss give him an offer letter. The salary was 15% higher than the manager which had worked for the company for 13 years. The manager quit 2 weeks later, the project they were working on fell apart. I’ve never been more miserable working anywhere in my life.”

President Trump is the hate poster boy of Identity Politics. Trump cannot even use a common figure of speech without the Washington Post turning it into a claim and then exposing it as a lie.
Describing the hamburger feast he offered the football players, he said the White House served up hamburgers “a mile high.” The Washington Post fact checked the claim and proved no such quantity of hamburgers were served.

When the President of the United States cannot use a common non-racist, non-sexist, non-homophobic expression without being branded a liar, open season has been declared on white heterosexual American males. Vladimir Putin has made a good decision to sit patiently unresponsive to provocations while the United States destroys itself.

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