Ron Unz For President

Ron Unz For President

Paul Craig Roberts

This is from Ron Unz, a fearless commentator:

It shows the extraordinary salary—a paycheck in the 1% range—of the head of the Zionist Anti-defamattion League (ADL), an organization that despite its title defames everyone who makes the slightest criticism of Israel. For example, when the Israeli Army machine-guns 89 unarmed prostesting Palestinians, including medics treating machine-guned 3-year olds, as Israel did today, or was it yesterday, or every day, and some person with a moral conscience says Israel should not have done that, the ADL brands that person “an anti-semite who wants another holocaust for the Jews.”

In other words, Israeli foreign policy and every other Israeli policy can only be praised, never criticized. In Europe Israel is more powerful than the country governments. If you question the holocaust Israel can have your country imprison you for Israel. Israel can even have EU countries imprison other countries’ citizens.

The ADL in its unbridled arrogance has declared moral objections to Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to be “anti-semitism.” Even President Jimmy Carter has been labeled an anti-semite.

Israel even has the American neoconservatives, who control US foreign policy, acting as Israel’s agent in foreign affairs.

My statement might seem extreme, but it is factual. Donald Trump’s threats against Syria and Iran serve Israel, not the American people. Russia’s President Putin also tried to serve as a protector of Israel even after Israel murdered 15 Russian military airmen, but the Russian Ministry of Defense did not let Putin kow-tow to Israel. Vladimir Putin’s deference to the Russian Jewish Fifth Column and the Washington-supported Russian Atlanticist Integrationists is alienating Russian nationalists.

If you think about it, why should the American government, the Russian government, or any government, be loyal to Israel instead of to their own countries?

But America, all of Europe, Canada, and Australia think that loyalty to Israel comes first. Only Iran, Hezbollah, and the Russian Ministry of Defense are willing to stand up against Israel, backed as it is by Washington.

Israel’s power is a question that intrigues Ron Unz. Unz is the bravest man I know. He has thrown the gauntlet directly into the face of the ADL, asking why are they hiding from his exposures of their organization that defames every person who has a moral conscience.

The question is: Why did Zionists believe that they had to build their power on the basis of lies?

My opinion is that we need Ron Unz as President of the United States.
It would be the first time in many decades that we would have a real person with the intelligence, moral character, and courage to use American power for good instead of for evil.

Unz for president is not only America’s salvation, but also the salvation of the world.

The question is: Can a country as screwed up as America understand that the question before it is the survival of the world, not whether white heterosexual males should be made second class citizens for their alleged racial and sexual hostility to women, blacks, homosexuals, and every other claimant of abuse? Given the control over the Democratic Party and the liberal/progressive/left that Identity Politics has, I think the answer is “No.”

While Saudi Arabia and Israel use US weapons and diplomatic cover to massacre Yemeni and Palestinians, the focus of America is on an accusation based on a partial memory of something that is claimed to have happened three or four decades ago. There is no way of knowing whether it did or not. But passions are high. For some, in the case of a judicial nominee accusation alone proves guilt, but Saudi Arabia and Israel are rewarded for their proven crimes with more US weapons and diplomatic support.

What do we make of such a highly selective and extremely unbalanced sense of morality and justice? Does it mean that in the United States morality and justice are reduced to political weapons in a fight for power?

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