Is the Goal of Identity Politics White Genocide?

Is the Goal of Identity Politics White Genocide?

In the United States today defense of white people is illegitimate. Identity Politics permits you to say whatever you want to about white people. You can turn white people into untermensch by discriminating against them, teach hatred toward them, demonize them, tear down their historical monuments, and set them up for the gas chambers, but one word in their defense makes you a “white supremacist” like David Duke.

Note that youtube twice tries to discourage you from watching the video.

Here is the complete analysis of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth data:

Note that Harvard’s own reporting on the racial composition of its student body does not report separately on Jews and non-Jewish whites but combines the two into a white representation of 45.1%:

There is dispute about Duke’s measure of Jewish over-representation in Harvard’s student body, but there is agreement that Jews are over-represented compared to equally qualified non-Jews: For Duke’s point it doesn’t matter if Jews are over-represented 47 times or 13.5 times.

If David Duke has the facts wrong, he is no different from anyone else who gets the facts wrong. If being wrong about the facts makes one a white supremacist, the entirety of the Western media and all the governments are white supremacists.

Keep in mind that the point is not the extent of over-representation of Jews at Harvard, but the systematic discrimination against whites that affirmative action and Identity Politics have institutionalized in American society and that it is impermissible even to mention this basic fact.

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