The Twitter President

The Twitter President

Paul Craig Roberts

As my readers at home and around the world know, I supported giving Trump a chance as Trump, and only Trump, addressed the two most important issues of our time for both all of humanity and for Americans: (1) avoiding nuclear Armageddon by normalizing relations with Russia, and (2) restoring the American middle class, on whose success political stability in the United States depends, by stopping the offshoring of US jobs and bringing those offshored home.

Inattentive people have mistakenly characterized Trump as the ruling Oligarchy’s candidate from day one. They dismiss the idea that he was sincere about either goal. There are many large problems with their dismissing of Trump’s sincerity. One is that if he were the Oligarch’s candidate, why did all their money go to Hillary? The other is that if Trump was insincere about normalizing relations with Russia, why did the military/security complex, specifically the CIA and FBI, invent Russiagate and why is Russiagate being used in an effort to impeach Trump or to drive him from office if Trump is the Oligarch’s candidate? The presstitute media is owned by the Oligarchs. If Trump is the Oligarchs’ candidate, why is the presstitute media trying to drive Trump from office?

These most obvious of all questions do not get asked or answered. I have asked them now for more than a year. Instead of answering me, I, like Trump and Stephen Cohen, get branded a “Putin stooge.”

Stephen Cohen knows more about Russia and Putin than everyone in the Trump, Obama, George W. Bush, and Clinton regimes added together and multiplied by one million. Yet, it is the most knowledgeable person who is branded a stooge. The fact of the matter is that Washington and its presstitutes know that neither Trump nor I nor Stephen Cohen are Putin’s stooges. What they also know is that they do not want any truth introduced into their portrayal of their false picture of “the Russian threat” and its American collaborators. What they are doing is protecting the $1,000 billion annual budget, and associated power, of the military/security complex and the West Coast and northeastern coast’s control over the White House. This small geographical area has a disportionate amount of population and electoral votes and rejects interference with its rule by scarcely populated “flyover America.”

Truth and all respect for truth has disappeared from American political discourse. Truth is no longer even respected in academia or courts of law. The entire purpose of the US system and its subsystems is to achieve selfish aims that are at the expense of truth, justice, and other peoples.

Trump has created himself as the Twitter President. He believes, as many before him have, that he can combat powerful ruling vested interests with words, as I attempt to do. However, a President of the United States has powers in addition to words, and Trump does not use them. Indeed, Trump has assembled a government that prevents him from using the powers of the presidency to achieve his two goals. This reduces him to a captive who hyperventilates on Twitter while he is forced to abandon his goals to those of private interest groups more powerful than the US president.

My opinion is this: President Trump might have some chance of delivering on the two promises that got him elected — (1) normalize relations with Russia, and (2) stop the offshoring of US jobs and bring those offshored back home — if he would appoint to his government people who share his goals instead of people opposed to them.

Moreover, Trump’s constant, off-the-wall threats against Iran and North Korea undermine people’s belief that he ever intended to normalize relations with Russia. President Trump presents himself as a warmonger in league with the Neoconservatives, and his obvious service to Israel is humiliating for proud Americans.

President Trump is also undermining his support by permitting corporate polluters to further despoil the environment and the diminishing wildlife of America.

The presstitute media is deplorable, but Trump cannot make a success of himself by beating up on the media, which is controlled by Trump’s own military/security complex.

Why beat up on a corrupt media when you can terminate the government corruption that the media serves? And when you can use the Sherman Anti-trust Act to break up the concentrated media?

If Trump is real, he will arrest Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Hillary, Obama, the DNC, and break the presstitute media monopolies into a thousand pieces. He might also arrest senators and representatives who are engaged in a campaign to overthrow the elected government of the United States. Abe Lincoln provided the precedent by exiling a US Representative and arresting 300 northern newspaper editors.

If President Trump fails to defeat the agenda of those driving the world to nuclear war with Russia (and China), he will be the US President who failed humanity and snuffed out life on earth.

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