Oliver Stone Exposes US Coup d’etat In Ukraine

Oliver Stone Exposes US Coup d’etat In Ukraine

The people in Western Ukraine had to be completely stupid to be so easily deceived and turned against their own democratically elected government. But the overthrown government was also stupid for believing in negotiations, for trusing the US, and for not arming the police who were being killed by snipers. The Russian government was too focused on the Sochi Olympics to realize what was happening and that the coup was directed at Russia. Russian trust of Washington also resulted in the murder of Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya. Trusting America, Russia withheld its veto over the no-fly zone imposed on Libya, because Russia trusted the assurances given by Washington that regime change was not the purpose.

Here is Oliver Stone’s documentary on Washington’s coup in Ukraine. The truth differs greatly from the lies told by the Western presstitutes and the US government.


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