UPDATE: This from a UK trauma surgeon:

UPDATE: This from a UK trauma surgeon:

I write in full agreement with my surgical colleague in Florida, Dr KS.
A retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon who served in our NHS. I have not dealt with high velocity gunshot wounds but I have studied the terrible injuries in Palestinians in Gaza caused by every type of modern weapon – there are many thousands.
I have a forensic inclination and took a leading part in calling for an inquest into the unnatural death of Dr David Kelly in July 2003 and more recently into unexplained features in the death of Jo Cox MP.
I agree with KS that the demeanour of the ‘patients’ does not fit at all with alleged HV bullet injury. ‘Ploughing’ > destruction of soft tissue would be greater in some from ricochets which would have happened with most of the shots given the concrete plaza and the alleged thirty story origin..
The removal of some of the You-tube videos speaks for itself and raises questions as to who is conducting this most evil orchestra.
In the case of Kelly, ‘9/11’, Jo Cox etc etc etc nothing fits.

Another view:

I will comment on the doctors letter, but first let me assure you that I agree with your assessment that Russia and China are more important and therefore more demanding of your time. However, your readers need to get beyond the diversion of the Las Vegas shooting and use that energy to be prodded into action against the Deep State regarding the coming nuclear war or GMO starvation or other planned major crisis event. In this sense, your time may very well be well spent helping your readers make that connection regarding Las Vegas shooting so they can increase their attention and focus on the more serious threats to mankind.
Another note: regarding your readers… of course I don’t know your readers, but I have no doubt that if anyone has a high-quality high-density readership that could, possibly, actually save humankind it is you and your readers. No doubt you don’t enjoy hearing this, but this is why I write you (I don’t write anybody else due to my MITRE background, previous security clearances, and awareness of the automated algorithms tracking everything happening on the internet — including my writing you).
To reviewing the letter: You know much of my background already, so I will just point out two specifics: 1) I worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center from 1987 to 1990 first as a Medical Statistician for the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology then as the Chief of Clinical Investigations in the main hospital; 2) while at Booz Allen Hamilton I worked on a short project for the U.S. Army at Aberdeen Proving Grounds looking at the effects of projectiles and shrapnel on the human body.
I find myself agreeing with the content of the letter but haunted by the wording, flow, and style of the letter. It does not read like the writing of the medical doctors that I have worked with, including co-authored papers.
However, the author does not claim to be a research medical doctor, he presents as a practicing surgeon with field experience. This may well be true.
My ballistics project is in full agreement that the wounds would be much worse than something that could scab over in a week. If a single projectile hits a bone, the bone shatters (more like explodes) and the bone turns into shrapnel disintegrating the tissue in the trajectory’s path.
As for exit wounds, remember what happened to Kennedy’s head.
In general: Where are the body parts? Where is the blood? Where are the injured laying as everybody chaotically escapes? Where are the [empty] shells in the hotel room?
Regarding hospital video: I agree an ICU patient is not going to be laughing. I also point out that the people “milling” around don’t seem concerned on the status of anybody. They seem to be putting in their time — much as a job. I can also point out that there is a sense of urgency in a trauma center when there is a massive influx of traumatized patients — that chaotic urgency is missing.

Another view:
Dr. Roberts, I am a former Marine Corps Officer and truly grateful for men like yourself who continue to oppose the system and speak the truth. I have been following your posts on the Vegas shooting and would like to drop one quick comment before you move on to the more important stuff. I checked out from the story almost immediately because they are telling us and showing us he used rifles with magazines. This is completely impossible. Here is a video of a rifle being shot in auto with a 30 round magazine.
He is out of ammo in 2 seconds and has to reload. There are multiple [sound tracks of the shooting] with 10-12 seconds of continuous gunfire with a slower rate of fire. This can only be achieved with a belt-fed machine gun.

The question before us is:  why is it that we have to wonder about what happened?  Why the total failure of the media and public authorities to tell a problem-free story?
Why the total absence of interest by media and public authorities to clear up so much confusing, contradictory information? Is this being done on purpose to train us to accept official stories despite endless anomalies?

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