Oklahoma City Bombing — Feedback from a Reader

Oklahoma City Bombing — Feedback from a Reader

I remember much of this myself. Truth-telling by the local media in Oklahoma City lasted for about 4 hours until Washington arrived, put a stop to truth-telling, and gave us the officially approved story.

I also remember that for a couple of hours the news anchors replaying the videos of the World Trade Center towers said over and over: “It looks exactly like a controlled demolition.” This truth-telling soon disappeared as well.

Americans live in a Matrix of lies and that is where the government intends to keep them.

From a reader:

After the bombing in Oklahoma city a very interesting video of the event was made by a citizen journalist. It was titled \”Cover-up in Oklahoma\”. It was largely composed of video taken from the local news channels immediately after the the bombing. The difference between the immediate local news coverage and the official story is the difference between x and not-x. Within an hour or two of the bombing the local news coverage featured an interview with a Mr. Randall Heather (as I remember his name). He was identified as an expert (on either terrorism or explosives) and he was positively giddy with joy. He stated that firstresponders going through the standing remains of the Murrah Building had discovered several unexploded bombs and that with this evidence the perpetrators were almost certainly going to be identified and caught in short order. (Of course Mr. Heather quickly vanished from the airways.) There are also several clips from the local news of bomb disposal vehicles backing up to the Murrah Building with the audio of the local reporter stating that unexploded bombs had been found and were being removed. There is also video of a talk by General Partin on the absolute certainty that the building was blown up from the inside. The speech was made over a local access TV station (as I recall) and recorded by a citizen journalist. Some time later I learned (from some other source) that the speech was made over a local access TV station because no MSN station would permit Partin to appear on-air. What appears to have happened is that the Murrah Building was intended to be brought totally down, producing nothing but a pile of rubble of essentially no obvious evidentiary value , but something went wrong, and several bombs failed to explode. Washington was not prepared for this and did nothave a team of news censors on-site to take immediate control of the coverage. The result was that for several hours the local firstresponders had full access to the still-standing portions of the building, and the local reporters had a free hand to report on what was found. (These local reporters did in factreport shortly after the bombing that Washington had \”a team of investigators in the air\” heading to Oklahoma City. When I viewed this video with a group of people one of them groaned \”Here come the news censors\”. Indeed, after just about the length of time that it would have taken Washington to quickly assemble a team and fly them to Oklahoma City, the local news coverage utterly changed and began to reflect what became the official story.) Incidentally, you may be aware that both Time and Newsweek reported that the external bomb (which allegedly broughtdown the building) was so powerful that it left a massive crater in front of the Murrah building. The dimensions of this crater were said to be 30 feet across by 10 feetdeep. (I imagine that computer modeling had shown that an explosion powerful enough to bring down the building, would have left such a crater. To tell a consistent story, the existence of such a crater was then reported. I used to work in the defense industry and in my experience such computer modeling of the effects of weapons is totally standard.) Of course, video taken by local news helicopters flying over the Murrah Building during the firsthour or two after the explosion show no such crater. When I watched this video with a small group, one of the members of the audience screamed, \”Where is the crater?\” , and ran up to inspect the TV screen. He returned to his seat muttering, \”America is so sick. America is so sick.\” Several years ago (maybe six or seven) I found that this video, \”Cover-up in Oklahoma\” was still available on eBay or Amazon. It may be on YouTube. I have not checked. For about 4 hours after the bombing, the local news in Oklahoma was free of censorship. This video provides a good record of what actually happened. I draw it to your attention. As always, thanks for your efforts. They are appreciated by many.

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