Is The NYT a Failed Newspaper Sustained By CIA Subsidies?

NYT Anti-Trump Jihad

by Stephen Lendman

The Times represents pro-Hillary dark forces militantly against Trump – denigrating him relentlessly, featuring advocacy, not real journalism.

Daily feature stories vilify him, going way beyond justifiable criticism. The self-styled newspaper of record mocks fair and balanced reporting, absent on its pages.

It supports US imperial madness, neoliberal harshness harming the nation’s most vulnerable, and police state targeting of nonbelievers.

It’s gone all-out to delegitimize Trump, failed to prevent his electoral triumph, now on a rampage to weaken him irreparably, ideally wanting him removed from office – a coup d’etat by any standard if happens.

Urging improved relations with Russia, both nations cooperating in combating terrorism, became his achilles heel.

The Times exploits his vulnerability on this issue relentlessly. On Wednesday, it published fake news, citing four unnamed, clearly anti-Trump, current and former US officials, claiming his campaign aides had “repeated contacts with Russian intelligence” – allegations without evidence proving them.

In a Thursday editorial, it called on “Congress to investigate Mr. Trump’s (alleged) ties to Russia.”

No indication of anything out of the ordinary cited. Nothing about wrongdoing. Big business operates in many countries, dealing with governments at times required. It’s standard practice.

Yet Times editors allege Trump “crossed the line,” posturing about a situation presented as being akin to Watergate and Iran-Contra. Nothing suggests it.

The issue is solely about Trump defeating Times favorite Hillary and wanting better relations with Russia, hoping he and Vladimir Putin can get along well.

That’s the so-called “line” he’s accused of crossing. The Times wants US adversarial relations kept unchanged – risking eventual confrontation if responsible action doesn’t change things.

The Times: “(M)embers of Mr. Trump’s campaign and inner circle were in repeated contact with Russian intelligence officials.”

False without evidence proving it, none presented!

The Times: “…Russia tried to destabilize and influence the 2016 presidential campaign.”

False! Again no evidence proves it – just baseless accusations without hard facts backing them. The scheme involves bashing Russia and delegitimizing Trump’s election.

The Times: “Congress (should) investigate what Moscow has been up to and whether people at the highest levels of the United States government have aided and abetted the interests of a nation that has tried to thwart American foreign policy since the Cold War.”

Fact: This type rubbish passes for Times journalism. The self-styled newspaper of record is a national disgrace, a malevolent force.

Calling for investigating so-called Trump ties to Russia reflects witch-hunt efforts to weaken and remove him from office.

He should be held accountable for continuing harmful domestic and foreign policies his predecessors began – real issues of concern, not fake ones regarding Russia.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at

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