Will Falling Dominoes Knock Over Trump?

Will Falling Dominoes Knock Over Trump?

Gen. Flynn’s removal as National Security Adviser is a domino that is likely to knock over other Trump appointees and perhaps Trump himself. Kellyanne Conway seems to be next in line http://sjlendman.blogspot.com

Now that speaking to Russians is a cause for removal, Trump’s agenda of normalizing relations with Russia is dead. Trump himself now reportedly has said that Russia should return Crimea to Ukraine. Flynn’s reported likely replacement, Robert S. Harward, is CEO for Lockheed Martin in the United Arab Emirates. Lockheed Martin is part of the military/security complex that needs an enemy, and the “Russian threat” is a large enough enemy to keep about 1,000 billion dollars of the taxpayers’ money flowing into the military/security complex.

The Saker spells it out for those who were unable to follow his first article on the subject.

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