There Is No Excuse For The American Police

There Is No Excuse For The American Police

If unaccountalbe police brutality continues, will American citizens come to the conclusion that cops are criminal thugs of great danger to the public and must be shot down on sight before they murder again? Is the report of police shot by snipers in Dallas an indication that the wanton murders by police are bringing retribution down on the police? An eye for an eye.

The goon thugs have done a good job of generating hatred of police and proving that Amerians would be far safer in the absence of police who during 8 years of the iraqi War killed more Americans than we lost troops in combat.

Here are today’s citizen casualties:

The Amerian police are a disgrace. They are far more brutal than the Nazi Gestapo, who when they asked for your papers said “please.” The American police shoot first and demand your papers after you are dead.

How did an allegedly free democratic country get a police force that consists of unaccountable psychopaths?

How sick is American society to tolerate routine and everyday murder by police? What pathology afflicts Americans that they tolerate routine brutal murder of their fellow citizens?

What goes around comes around. Now that the police are grieving perhaps they will finally come to grips with the grief and sorrow they have inflicted on the friends and relatives of those murdered by police.

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