Guest Column by Vladimir Putin — Introduction by PCR

Guest Column by Vladimir Putin

“Former arrogant colonial power and conqueror, then sovereign Gaullist Republic, France is now relegated to the status of American sub-colony whose independence and national interests are routinely violated and trampled [by France’s Washington master].” Sayed Hasan

Vladimir Putin on France and Europe: “NATO Member States have Renounced their Sovereignty

Vladimir Putin is the only leader worthy of the name in the Western World, with the exception of several in South America, who freeing their countries from Washington’s clutches are ceasing to be part of Washington’s world. Notice Putin’s easy ability to speak truthfully to any question and the total inability of any Western “leader” to do the same.

The obvious fact that Western “leaders” are corrupt non-entities explains the extraordinary demonization of Russia and its great president, a man of peace who, unlike every Western leader, respects law and human rights.

It is Washington and its totally corrupt vassal governments who have spent the 21st century attacking and destroying a number of countries and the lives and welfare of millions of people. It is the West that is the home of Sauron. As Chavez said at the UN, “yesterday at this very podium stood Satan himself [George W. Bush, the president of America] speaking as if he owned the world. You can still smell the sulfur.”

As the evil that governs in Washington prepares for a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia and China, the stench of sulfur intensifies.

Meanwhile Washington pretends that the source of evil is Putin, Russia, China, and Washington’s own creation–the Islamic State. And of course the democratically elected governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

Washington’s definition of evil is every country that does not subject itself to Washington’s will.

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