Ole Ullern on Osama bin Laden’s “killing”

More on the Osama bin Laden “killing”

A reader, Ole Ullern from Norway, sent in this information regarding the range of the Chinook CH-47F helicopter that allegedly made the round trip from Bagram to Abbotabad and returned with bin Laden’s body.

According to Google Earth, the round trip distance (straight line) is 700 km. High mountains between the two sites would prevent straight line flight, and the thin air of high elevation would use more fuel.

According to Wikipedia, the Chinook’s range is 741km; its combat radius is 370 km.

According to the official story, the helicopter that landed in Abbotabad was destroyed. Another helicopter, which had been flying around in circles during the alleged SEAL assault on “bin Laden’s compound,” landed, picked up the SEALs, the crew of the destroyed helicopter, and bin Laden’s body and returned to Baghram.

Ole Ullern concludes: “Some Chinooks have mid-air refuel capacity, but no such refueling is mentioned in the official story. Refueling would have required more operational units–one fixed-wing aircraft and crew at least. So it seems a factual evaluation of the data presented shows the Chinook helicopter couldn’t realistically have made the Bagram-Abbottabad return trip as claimed.”

We have no evidence that it did. None of the thousands of sailors on board the ship witnessed the sea burial of bin Laden. SEAL Team Six, whose members allegedly carried out the bin Laden raid, died mysteriously in a combat event shortly afterward.

As eyewitness Mohammad Bashir told Pakistan TV, only one helicopter landed, and it exploded on liftoff. There were no survivors and no return flight.

As many news organizations reported at the time, Osama bin Laden died in December 2001 from his illnesses.

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