The Next Four Years by Gerald Celente

In the summer, 2012, issue of the Trends Journal, Gerald Celente explains that, despite Obama’s or anyone else’s promises, change will not occur until we as individuals change. Those who wait for a leader to emerge who will do the right thing wait in vain:

I the Person = We the People

What will it take to change the course of the future? As America, the world superpower, gears up to elect its commander-in-chief, each candidate touts his leadership experience; Obama the Osama Slayer vs. Romney the Corporate Commando. Each lists his credentials, saying in effect, “this is why I should lead and why you should follow your leader.”

And what will they lead us to? Economic nirvana, world peace, environmental renewal, social harmony, cultural foment, spiritual enlightenment?

Given the character and track records of both men, and what they propose to do if elected, the presidential race comes down to who is best qualified to destroy the most the slowest.

What prevents so many people from seeing the obvious? Not everyone watches Jersey Shore and American Idol, believes McDonalds is food and that drinking Diet Coke will help them lose weight. Why is it that those who should know better, don’t know better? What makes them suspend their good judgment and surrender power to a stranger whose beliefs, ideals – and above all – deeds and actions run contrary to what they feel at heart? What makes them drink the Kool-Aid?

The Only Change You Can Believe In: For anything significant to change, people must stop playing “follow the leader.” But, if people stop following the leader, then who will lead them? The answer: No one! You must lead yourself.

But self-leadership cannot be bought, given, or imposed. It has to come from within. It begins with expecting nothing from your “leaders” and understanding that everything has to come from you. It means having the courage not to cower to power. The dignity to claim your rightful and sacred place on earth. To respect yourself, demand it of others and show respect to all who merit it … regardless of class or status. The integrity to keep and live by your word. And the passion to live a life of meaning and conviction; for your heart to feel what your mind knows.

This is not an “every man for himself,” manifesto. Rather it is a call for a cooperative of individuals with the courage, dignity, respect, integrity and passion to chart a future that is not dictated and imposed upon them by ruling political parties and the unprincipled and oppressive systems they represent.

There is no “We the People” until “I the Person” is willing to stand up and speak for himself or herself.

For the future to change, the individual must change. When enough individuals change, everything changes.

Led By Freaks: Celente also describes how the United States of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson ended up led by freaks, just as the Germany of Bach, Beethoven, Goethe, and Einstein and the Italy of Michelangelo, DaVinci, and Galileo ended up led by Hitler and Mussolini:

“Then there is America. No shortage of great people past and present. How could they let two-bit freaks lead and destroy them? Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Romney? To me it’s all a two-bit freak show. Look around the world: Blair, Cameron, Rajoy, Netanyahu, Merkel, Monti, Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Hollande … name your country, pick your poison: president, prime minister, chancellor … all, in my eyes, two-bit freaks.”

“And they’re dangerous. They start wars, kill millions, destroy nations. They steal your money and give it to their friends. And with little resistance, and sometimes none at all, the people let them do it. In fact, not only do the people let them do it, they argue among themselves why their freak is better than the other freak. They will get angry with you if you call their freak a freak. They will actually fight and die to defend their freaks.”

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