Biden Is the Establishment’s Man

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Biden Is the Establishment’s Man

Paul Craig Roberts

Biden has the seal of approval from the American Establishment.  His minions are fomenting animosity with the Chinese as Biden slings mud at the Russians.  The higher tensions thus produced are good for armament orders and the well being of the military/security complex. 

Biden’s tax increase plan is designed to wipe out the remainder of the middle class. The reduction in estate exemption and the repeal of the basis adjustment for inherited property means more family businesses will have to be sold or taken public in order to pay taxes rather than being kept in the family.  With US manufacturing jobs sent to Asia and American IT and software companies bought up by Indians who fire the American employees and bring in people from India on work visas, family businesses are the last bastion of the middle class.  Biden’s tax plan will finish off the remnants of the American middle class.

Biden is Trump’s opposite, which is precisely what the Establishment wants.  Trump is precisely what the Establishment doesn’t want.  Normal relations with Russia would hurt the power and profit of the military/security complex, and bringing jobs back to America would strengthen the middle class and hinder the Establishment’s agenda of a new feudal order consisting of a few hyper-rich and a multitude of serfs.

A majority of America voters realized the stakes and reelected Trump, but Republicans acquiesced in the Establishment’s theft of the election, and Trump was ousted. Over the next four years the Establishment will flood the country with immigrants and block the prospect of the Establishment’s candidate being defeated.

Biden should be careful how much animosity he generates with Russia and China, because the FBI’s pursuit of Trump Supporters as  “domestic extremists” and “enemies of democracy” means 90 million fewer Americans willing to fight for the power and profit of the US military/security complex.  A government that sees its own white citizens as “America’s greatest threat” is in no position to fight a war with Russia or China.

Indeed, it is uncertain if there are any Americans willing to fight “foreign enemies”  for Washington.  As Sam Jacobs writes, the American educational system has succeeded in turning Americans into anti-Americans whose animosity is directed against America itself.  

The real question is: What is left of the United States other than the name?

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